The Best WhatsApp Alternatives For Chat App You Should Try

By abdul azis hartadi

Some alternative chat app other than WhatsApp that are worth trying, are Viber, , , Signal

Last year, Facebook combined individual WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram messages into a single messaging platform. While each app is always a separate icon in your phone's app library, users can currently chat with each other across platforms and enjoy new features and end-to-end encryption options. However, due to the transformation that will arrive at WhatsApp's privacy policy, it also means WhatsApp user information will be shared with Facebook and its partners from February 8. This applies to all WhatsApp users — even if they don't use Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.

Toss WhatsApp Updated

Facebook warned WhatsApp users about the change with in-app notifications but did not indicate the type of information Facebook would collect on WhatsApp users. To also detect it, you must read the new privacy policy on the WhatsApp website. According to the latest type posted on January 4, 2021, Facebook will now collect the following privacy data info across WhatsApp accounts:

  • Account registration info listed your name and phone number.
  • IP address You.
  • Network and service transformation.
  • Technical information about the features you use on WhatsApp.
  • And communication of information with users as well as other businesses.
  • Transaction information in the application.

This policy explains that Facebook may collect “other information identified in the Privacy Policy section titled Information We Collect or obtain with notice to you or sourced with your consent.”

This is a major change from WhatsApp's previous privacy policy, which allowed users to sort out not to provide their information to Facebook while continuing to use the app. Unfortunately, the new policy requires users to approve the change, or end using the app after the policy is updated on February 8.

Understandably, many users are unhappy with the privacy policy, platform merger, or moreover the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. Then Facebook doesn't really have a clean “rap sheet” when it comes to privacy and user information, and some of us just don't want to be tied to a big industrial ecosystem like Facebook. So let's take a look at alternative chat apps other than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that want to make you completely detached from the world of Facebook multi-platform conversations altogether.


Signal Alternative Application Whatsapp

The signal is a chat or messaging application that is often recommended thanks to the level of privacy, user security, and transparency. Signal supports reading messages and teams; media messages for photos, audio, video, and documents, let alone voice/video calls between users. Android type can also play a role as an SMS application, taking over Android or Samsung messaging applications. This can be a chat app in addition to WhatsApp for your phone

The signal is backed by the likes of Edward Snowden and many other privacy/information security advocates, whose comments are clearly featured on the home garden app. All communications in the Signal app are end-to-end encryption, and you can set a timer so that messages are deleted automatically. The latest feature updates also include built-in image-anointing equipment as well as new PIN security settings.

The signal can be downloaded for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Debian-Linux distros.

WhatsApp Chat App Alternative: Viber

Viber Alternative Application Whatsapp

The Viber App's conversation features include team conversations, practical voice/video messages, as well as thousands of gifs and animated stickers. You can moreover install conversation extensions to share YouTube videos, Spotify tracks, position news, and more. The Viber app also supports audio and video calls. (Although the calls tried between Viber users are free, you can make paid international calls to no landline or mobile phone which also uses Viber Out Service.)

All messages in the Viber App are end-to-end encrypted and can be timed to delete themselves. Viber also includes a Trusted Contacts feature that helps you verify the self-evidence of other conversation participants by changing the secret key. The app wants to update you if your contacts change their account details in the future. Viber can also be recommended as a chat application in addition to WhatsApp.

Viber wants to show your availability, just like Facebook messenger, but you can disable this if you need to hide your status. You can also disable the accepting feature already read, hide chats, and lock messages with PIN codes.

Viber is on Android as well as iOS and can sync to your Windows desktop or Mac.

Alternative Chat App Other than WhatsApp: Telegram Messenger

Telegram Alternative Application Whatsapp

Like many other apps listed on the list, Telegram provides end-to-end encryption for all communication settings as well as automatic deletion. It allows users to send reading and media messages and supports team messages that can include up to 200,000 people in a single conversation thread.

Telegram's cloud-based conversations run on globally distributed servers, which Telegram claims can send messages more in the flash than any other existing messaging app. It also means you can sync messages across your features, and you get unlimited storage for your shared media. If you are a developer, the Telegram API is entirely open-source and free to use.

Telegram is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop, Linux, and macOS, and also offers conversational versions and native website messages from the app. Telegram also has the number 2 user for the application so this we can record for a chat app other than Whatsapp

WhatsApp Alternatives: GroupMe

WhatsApp Alternatives: GroupMe

As the name implies, the GroupMe application is a team messaging or chat service that provides cross-platform conversations. An alternative chat app other than Whatsapp is owned by Skype (which is owned by Microsoft). So it's not an open-source of any other kind of service on this note. It is also subject to the same information collection applications such as all Microsoft products. It doesn't have encryption— or many of the security features of other apps we include. But what sets GroupMe apart is its focus on team conversations and some of the other exciting features.

The GroupMe app allows users to share videos, photos, and documents, which can be viewed through a fashion gallery that displays all media shared in team history. You can moreover send messages directly to certain users in the team. GroupMe also supports position sharing and secondary features such as “fond” messages and a collection of emojis based on special applications.

There's Android, and iOS, as well as a GroupMe app window, as well as a website-based conversation client. However, there is also an SMS-type GroupMe application that you can use without the need for an application — or let alone a smartphone. Users command special readings to GroupMe's phone number to create and continue team conversations. This reading-based system moreover allows you to manage your team and change conversation settings.

That's some apps as an alternative chat other than WhatsApp that may be a substitute for WA and worth trying.

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