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apex legend mobile cbt

Completed a long wait, Respawn Entertainment finally announced the opening of closed-beta CBT stage access for their latest mobile games, Apex Legends Mobile CBT which can be downloaded on the App Store.

They announced that they would widen the session only to five countries namely Peru, Colombia, Egypt, Lebanon, and of course Indonesia.

In a moment, some fans in Indonesia can feel the thrill of playing Apex Legends on a phone touch screen.

Until now Apex Legends Mobilephone has entered the stage of closed beta or CBT tests for several countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

Information about Apex Legend for phones is available 2 months after the CBT stage that has been tested for the first time for Android platforms in the Philippines and India.

Just as previously rumored if Apex Legends will quickly come for mobile platforms.

Respawn Entertainment does not explain how many rations prepared to enter the closed beta test.

“Apex Legends Mobile is designed specifically for touchscreens, with effective controls, and optimizes the power of the device to be the best battle royale game on a ,” ea said.

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Game Play Apex Legends on Mobile

Based on EA's statement, Apex Legends is slightly not the same as the model on the PC or console. However, a large number of play games and the appearance of graphics are more or less similar.

As mentioned by EA, this game will be maximized so that it can be played on mobile devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.

For info, news about Apex Legends who will visit Android and iOS devices has been heard since 2 years ago.

But it wasn't until this year that EA and Respawn Entertainment finally announced apex legends were coming for Android and iOS devices.

Based on the original info, now the closed trial (Closed Beta) Apex Legends Mobile-only exists on Android. But Respawn Entertainment is doing some improved research in order to launch on iOS.

“When we are ready to take a broader step, we will launch a dedicated page for apex mobile legend loyal gamers or new players to pre-register Apex Legends Mobile,” respawn entertainment said.

If you do not want to miss the closed trial launch info, players can pre-register on the Google Play Store Android. This really gives an advantage, because there are automatic install specifications when Apex Legends Mobile has been in the full release version.

Apex Legends Mobile CBT Download link here

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