Apple to stop production of iPhone 12 Mini early

By abdul azis hartadi

iPhone stops production of 12 Minis

According to a report, Apple has quietly stopped production of the iPhone 12 Mini.

Apple’s flagship 12 small version reportedly failed to hit sales targets, unlike its three siblings.

The report notes that Apple will only focus on three successful variants of the iPhone 12 ahead of the iPhone 12S’s debut.

The iPhone 12 series has been a huge hit for Apple, but that doesn’t mean every device in this lineup is equally successful. According to a new report from TrendForce (h/t XDA), the company has quietly stopped production of the iPhone 12 Mini.

The Taiwanese research firm said mini “got a disappointing sales performance compared to other models” in this latest Apple series. As a result, Apple halted production of the phone to boost sales of the three dominant iPhone 12 models.

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The iPhone 12 Mini has a lot going for it, especially its flagship hardware in a compact, bagged, and reasonably priced case. Despite lacking fast charging, a larger battery, and a high refresh rate display, the phone remains the only flagship compact smartphone available.

Of course, there are now Android competitors from the 6.1-inch Sony Xperia 5 II to the 5.9-inch Asus Zenfone 8 . However, both are much larger than the 5.4-inch Mini. So, realistically, if you want a small flagship smartphone, the iPhone 12 Mini is the only option.

Will we get the iPhone 12S Mini?

Of course, apple’s initial discontinuation of the iPhone 12 Mini casts doubt on future follow-up.

TrendForce saw a year-end iPhone 12S lineup rumored to feature smaller cases and general optimization but no major overhaul. However, there is no indication that the Mini model is part of its plans. It’s also unclear if the iPhone 13 Mini

While some Android Authority readers are still amused by the idea of compact smartphones and even Mini models from Samsung and OnePlus. But the demise of the iPhone 12 Mini suggests big smartphones — at least big iPhones — remain king.

Would you buy an iPhone 13 Mini if Apple released it?

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