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  • 30 March 2023
  • Last Update 6 March 2023 00:28

Viola AI Artist App Maker Faces Disney Cartoons

Voila AI Artist application

You’re a Facebook and Instagram user or a loyal audience of cartoon cartoons from Disney. Definitely no stranger to Avatar cartoons from Disney. We can create a photo of a face like a cartoon character in DISNEY with the Viola AI Artist App.

The creation of the Viola AI Artist App which seems to be booming out of nowhere has mushroomed in our Facebook feeds, as well as the many we see on Instagram and WhatsApp. (Both are owned by Facebook.) This Viola AI Artist app starts with a photo of your face and transforms it into three different cartoon styles to choose from, complete with shadows. “Disney” is the adjective that most often appears when friends and coworkers see avatars. In addition to cartoon renderings, the Viola AI Artist app can see yourself from the eyes of Renaissance painters, and create caricatures of your mugs (or other people’s mugs belonging to neighbors can also hahaha).

This Viola AI Artist app is free for iPhone and Android, with premium ad-free options as well,

How to download Viola AI App

It takes less than five minutes to download the Viola AI Artist. app to make this avatar step by step.

Step 1: Download Voila AI Artist for iPhone or Android, and launch the app. This will ask for permission to use your phone’s camera.

Step 2: Choose between four styles: 3D Cartoons, Renaissance, 2D Cartoons, and Caricatures. Tap the arrow to get started.

Step 3: Your camera list is now open. Select the photo you want to use, or tap Camera or Celebrity at the bottom of the screen to take a new picture or to search for celebrities. This results in a grid of four options. In the free version, you’ll see one or two ads. After a few taps, you can remove the ad and return to your image.

Step 4: You’ll see four options — a composite grid of your original photos plus three renderings of your cartoons, and all three renderings (Royalty 3D, Baby 3D, and Cartoon 3D). You can take a screenshot from here and crop it, or select one of four options and click the edit button — the up arrow on Android — to share it immediately on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, or to email, save, or share through other options (when you press the More option).

To remove app watermarks, speed up the rendering process, and remove ads you see every time you render a photo, you can update to the Voila AI Artist Pro version for $2 per week, $4 per month, or $21 per year —the price at the time of writing. There is a free three-day trial offer with the option.

What doesn’t work well with Voila AI Artist

What doesn't work well with Voila AI Artist

Not a human, like a dog or a cat
Picture where the app says a face can’t be detected
The image of a severed head often works, but with a strange circle filled with apps

How does Viola AI Artist use my data? See the privacy statement

From what we know, although the parent company of the Viola AI Artist app says it will delete your photos. About 24-48 hours after the last photo is used by the app. it collects personally identifiable information about you, your phone, and your activities online.

It then shares that personal data with third-party partners and advertisers in countries outside your country, including advertisers who may track your activity across the web. The app also discloses your personal information to any of its affiliates, affiliates, or subcontractors.

According to the privacy policy of the app owner WeImagine.AI:

“When you use the free version of the App, we work with advertising partners to display ads within the App. These ads are delivered by our advertising partners and may be targeted based on your use of the App or your activities elsewhere online.”

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