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  • 30 March 2023
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Best Power Banks 2022

the best powerbank brands
The best power bank brands

The best power bank as a settlement when you need a reliable powerbank brand in 2021 In the digital era, hp consumption is inseparable from fixed activities, so flash smartphones lose energy due to intensive use. In these times, Powerbank is the best solution. Most importantly for those of you who often do outdoor activities or travel far, and it is not easy to get a source of electricity. With PowerBank, Toppers can charge a smartphone at any time. That way, communication can run easily without obstacles.

Best Power Bank Brands 2022

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Before deciding to buy, check out the following list of the best and most reliable PowerBank recommendations at a price that certainly remains pocket friendly:

1. Robot Power Bank

Best Powerbank Robots
The best power bank brands

This best PowerBank brand has many types and types with various features offered. Sort of, LED marker lights to display the remaining capacity of the Powerbank Robot , led lights that can be used as flashlights in times of emergency. As well as the availability of 2 USB ports for output with a different electric current suitable for the rest of the smartphone.

Price Range: Rp 70,000 – Rp 880,000


2. Power Bank Vivan

vivan best powerbank brands
vivan best power bank brands

PowerBank Vivan is a favorite PowerBank brand in Indonesia. Vivan has a reliable study and development team, late machinery, great quality services and varied products. Moreover, the best Power Bank brand is priced at a friendly price in the pocket. This favorite PB brand also has many capacity variants that you can adjust for your needs and budget.

Price Range: Rp 49,000 – Rp 3,100,000

3. Anker Power Bank

The best power bank

Anker is one of the manufacturers of gadget equipment whose quality is quality. Especially mobile charging accessories, such as PBs, charging cables and USB charging hubs. Bank Daya Anker products have become one of the most favorites in Indonesia and many good reviews review additional battery products from this brand.

Price Range: Rp 199,000 – Rp 1,200,000




4. Power Bank Romoss

The best powerbank options

Romoss PowerBank The best brands are classified as newcomers in Indonesia. This power bank is a great choice because of its quality and features that make it superior. Features such as intelligent charging can recognize and adjust electricity on a variety of devices and technology to turn off automatically. Where this power bank will automatically disconnect the electric current when the battery with the power is fully charged.

Price Range: Rp 82,000 – Rp 1,300,000

5. Best Power Bank: Delcell

delcell's best powerbank

The DELCELL PB brand has a large power capacity. So it can be used for quite a long time and comes with 2 USB ports. With the presence of several USB ports at once, users can charge two of your favorite smartphones at once. PowerBank Delcell also has LED lights that can be used as flashlights when the lights go off. One of the favorite powerbank brands can be appreciated at an affordable price.

Price Range: Rp 62,000 – Rp 199,000


6. Power Bank Best of Eser

The best power bank brands

Eser is one of the best powerbank brands whose quality has been proven. This brand power bank is a pioneer of unique features through products with batteries that can be removed and replaced. So if the battery capabilities in it have been reduced and damaged, there is no need to buy a new power bank. Just replace the old battery and replace it with a new battery. Unique isn't it?

Price Range: Rp 44,500 – Rp 119,000

7. Samsung Power Bank One of the Best

Powerbank Samsung

The best PowerBank is the production of electronic brands, especially samsung's famous smartphones. Smartphones don't just have champion quality and specifications. PowerBank made by Samsung also has the best quality, useful features and large capacity of PB. Of course, Samsung also offers a Power Bank type that supports fast charging features for rechargeable power in no time.

Price Range: Rp 359,000 – Rp 900,000

8. Hippo power bank has the best quality

The best power bank brands

The next best-selling Power Bank brand is the Power Bank Hippo. This PowerBank brand is also one of the favorite Power Bank brands in Indonesia. In addition to the affordable price, Power Bank Hippo has the best quality that need not be doubted. This power store also provides special plugs for some strings, so there is no need to bother carrying a lot of cables.

Price Range: Rp 49,000 – Rp 1,020,000

9. Powerbank Xiaomi

The best power bank brands

Xiaomi Powerbank has a large range of capacities with the body remaining thin. One of the most popular is the one with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. It has a practical size, which is only as wide as a business card. It uses cutting-edge technology and smaller Panasonic or LG battery cells. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10,000 mAh can be an option for those who need a PB not heavy carried and have a large capacity.

Price Range: Rp 141,600 – Rp 375,000

10. Micro Power Bank Package

The best power bank brands

MicroPack is a Power Bank manufacturer from Hong Kong that offers products with current features, guaranteed security, and large battery capacity. The power bank micropack is equipped with fast battery charging technology made by Qualcomm, namely Quick Charge. There is also a current system that secures the device from burning hazards. MicroPack provides varying power storage capacity, some even reaching 31,200 mAh for laptops.

Price Range: Rp 169,000 – Rp 1,300,000

11. PB RAVPower

Good powerbank.

RAVPower is a brand that is quite famous in the United States thanks to the technology and innovations that it presents to many people, especially in the scope of portable battery chargers.

RavPower's powerbank products have a compact design, but stored massive power in them to fulfill your busy activities all day. There are various variants of capacity and battery recharging power on offer, the most advanced have a capacity of 20,000 mAh and 60 Watts of power to ensure the charging process is done in a short period of time!

Price Range: Rp 299,000 – Rp 1,009,000


12. Power Bank Mophie

Mophie is one of the great powerbank brands.

Another PowerBank brand you can rely on to maintain your daily productivity, Mophie. It's a pretty premium power bank maker brand. The products offered are not practically cheap, but the quality is above the average of the main Powerbank you find in the market. The design is very elegant, advanced features, large capacity to exclusivity with Apple makes this PowerBank the main choice of iPhone lovers.

Price Range: Rp 250,000 – Rp 1,500,000


13. Powerbank Aukey

The famous Aukey brand power bank

Aukey is dedicated to delivering a line of hardware products that are designed robustly and solidly, and able to meet the needs of today's users. Especially the power bank. This brand has been known as one of the makers of mobile backup batteries with the best fast charging technology that is a favorite of gadget lovers. At a fairly affordable price, you can already enjoy Aukey powerbank with large capacity, Quick Charge support from Qualcomm to setting up innovative device security modes.

Price Range: Rp 185,000 – Rp 2,000,000


14. Powerbank Omni

omni one of the great powerbank brands

Omni has a fairly unique PB product line. Especially when viewed from most smooth and elegant design devices. But it's not just about the appearance of the product. Omni also focuses on how they can present the best products with promising features, as well as reasonable prices. If you're looking for a Power Bank with a unique and elegant design, compact size and superior features, an omni power bank could be a top choice.

Price Range: Rp 209,000 – Rp 365,000

15. Power Bank Vyatta

Good powerbank brand

There is also Vyatta, which is a subsidiary of the major U.S. telecommunications company , AT&T. This brand makes advanced Power Bank products that can be enjoyed by many people. With a price tag that is not too expensive, turbo charging features, to the size of mini products, it's no wonder the PowerBank Vyatta is considered by many and is the most popular today. Various features, capacities to the size and design of each series can be considered so that you can choose the appropriate Powerbank product.

Price Range: Rp 85,000 – Rp 399,000

That's a quality PowerBank brand recommendation that you can make a recommendation to always be online at any time, especially when traveling far and there is no power source.

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