Brave Browser Looks Like Chrome But Features Are Abundant

Brave Web is one of the alternative browsers to surf the internet other than Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla. One of the reliability of this browser is to prioritize the privacy of its users. In addition, this brave browser has some good features to use.

Logo Brave Browser Web
Logo Brave Browser

Founder of Brave Browser

Brave was founded by Brendan Eich (creator of JavaScript and former managing director of Mozilla Corporation) and Mozilla technology director Brian Bondy Brave Software. With a background as a software engineer in a web browser company, it is not difficult for them to create a browser with more capabilities.

Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy, founders of Brave Web Software
Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy, founders of Brave Software

The History of Brave Software and Its Browser

The browser was first launched on January 20, 2016, and instantly has the ability to block ads on the web. They also announced plans for ads that value privacy and revenue-sharing programs from ads. So actually the web browser of Brave does not entirely block ads but they have their own way of displaying ads on browsers made by Brave Software. In December 2018 it was running using the Electron Framework.

But over time developers began to switch to chromium which was used to simplify their maintenance. Brave also released the final version of the moon-based browser branch of Electron and this latest version stopped working and switched users to switch to the latest version by the end of 2018. Slowly and surely this browser is able to attract new users. As of November 2020 Browser reportedly already has 20 million monthly active users and passed 25 million users when logged into February 2021. Brave also provides apps that can run on Android iOS Windows Mac OS and Linux. Brave browser immerses the featured features in all the browsers they provide.  

Abundant Features In Brave Browser

Full Block menu in Web browser
Full Block menu in the browser

As one of the newcomer browsers also provides features that are very easy and useful for us as browser users to explore in cyberspace. Here are some of the benefits we using this brave browser:

1. Ad Block Feature

Brave also provides to block third-party ads, auto-play video ads, and ads that provide tracking. This Brave Shields feature runs by default so you can change the settings in the settings menu section of the browser. Of course, this is very useful if we visit a particular web that serves ads that play videos automatically. Because advertising with this model is very much to eat the internet quota that we have, and surprisingly it turns out that the feature of blocking ads in Brave Browser is able to block ads from Youtube.

2. Brave Browser Maintains Privacy

Shields menu provides ad blocking features and maintains privacy
Shields menu provides ad-blocking features and maintains privacy

All privacy data that you use and store in the browser in Brave will not be snooped on by third parties. Even cookies from browsing cannot be seen by others. One of the Professors from the University of Dublin provided an analysis of the Brave browser gets the highest score at the level of privacy security provided. This browser does not use continuous IP address tracking identifiers and this causes the pages of the website visited to be unable to read the IP address of the device you are using.

3. Brave Rewards Users Through Crypto Basic Attention Token (BAT) Money

BAT Crypto money awarded to Web Browser Brave users
BAT Crypto money awarded to Brave users

Brave also rewards its users by giving crypto BAT money. At the beginning of the launch in early December 2017, the company that owns the Brave browser gave a free gift of 300,000 BAT with a distribution of “who fast he can” In April 2019 browser users can also choose to turn on the Rewards feature. This feature will provide BAT crypto coins for websites or creators. Anyone can make money from this Rewards feature. And if you want to be a contributor you can sign up easily.

4. Private Mode With TOR (TOR Incognito Mode)

Two different private modes in brave
Two different private modes in brave

In the private browsing mode feature or Incognito Brave overlays with TOR. TOR encryption mode itself is often used by web explorers on the deep web to disguise their identity in the deep web world. You can easily enable this feature through settings in the browser. If you don't want to use private with TOR Brave also provides a private browsing mode that does not use TOR.

5. Compatible with extensions from Google Chrome

Chrome-like look
Chrome-like look

If you often use several extensions to facilitate the operation of Chrome do not worry almost all extensions from Google's browser can run well in the browser. This is because Brave is also built with chromium which is the basis of chrome. There may be some who can not run because the extension asks for permission for the reading of cookie data from Brave.

Those are some of the benefits and advantages provided by Brave Browser for users. As long as I try this browser is reliable enough to be used as a browsing tool on the internet. Besides being able to block browser ads is very light when used. The block feature can also be quite helpful to save the internet quota that we have. Perhaps one of the shortcomings of this browser is the problem of integration with Google products. Because when I run some products Google does not really run well. If you are interested in using this browser can go directly to the Brave Web Browser page.

Source: Wikipedia Brave (web browser)

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