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WhatsApp Passkey New Security Feature Release on Android

WhatsApp Passkey is a feature to strengthen security in this Meta-owned application. In line with what Google asked some time ago, the search engine company wants users of Google products to add a passkey security feature. The passkey feature has now been added to Meta's instant messaging platform and is available for Android users. This […]

How to Clear Browser Cache to Protect Your Internet Data History

Clear Browser cache or history is significant in the modern era of computing. Browser history is (a record of all the pages you have visited online and when you viewed them). Sometimes, history and cache can cause problems; it's practically a cliché. Imagine a romantic “comedy” where a guy (always a guy) gets into trouble […]

The Grifhorse Android Trojan has infected more than 10 million devices.

More than 10 million Android users on their devices were infected by a new spyware dubbed the Android Trojan Grifhorse, which bombarded them with numerous reward notifications. According to a security analysis from Zimperium zLabs, Grifhorse's Android Trojan software can be detected in more than 200 malicious apps it agrees to distribute on the Google […]

BPJS Health Millions Data Leaked Millions

Data Leaked Online and alleged violation of BPJS information of Indonesian social security. It has exposed almost all Indonesians to attacks and digital scams authorities and digital security experts warned on Friday. BPJS Health Data Leaked Thousands The Department of Communications and Data Technology said it suspected at least 100 individual records. 000 people have […]

Beware of Malicious Apps from google Play Store can steal Facebook passwords

A study from the it security company revealed several malicious applications in the Google Play store. 9 applications are landmarks that can do keylogger or record your confidential data. The app secretly stole login passwords from Facebook. This is done when you log in on the original Facebook login page. Researchers from Dr. Web an […]

Mobile Devices Besieged by CyberAttacks

Cyber attacks in the form of HP mobile phishing have doubled. It happened to financial services and insurance organizations between 2019 and 2020. Cyber attackers deliberately target phones, tablets, and Chromebooks to increase their chances of finding vulnerable entry points. One successful phishing cyber attack or mobile ransomware can give an attacker access. Access to […]

Computer Forensic Education and Training

Computer Forensic Education and Training is increasingly needed by large technology companies, computer forensic professionals are increasingly in demand. Computer crime has increased dramatically over the past decade. And it has become one of the most targeted ways to commit crimes. Tens of millions of dollars are lost every year from information stolen from computers. […]

So, what happens if your IP address falls into the hands of cybercriminals?

One of the items required to transfer information over a web-based channel is an Internet Protocol (IP) address. On the internet or local network, your device's Internet Protocol (IP) address serves as its unique identification. Although your IP address cannot be personally identified, hackers who know it can use it to collect important information about […]

What Are the Latest Security Features in SmartPhone?

Everyone must have been wearing at least a smartphone. Security on a smartphone is mandatory for the latest smartphone users, not all users are familiar with these features. Millions of smartphones are spread around the world. With various brands and types that are certainly in accordance with the needs of users. Discussing smartphones can not […]

Tip n Trick: Avoid Fraud With OTP Mode

What is OTP? OTP Fraud Mode. OTP stands for One Time Password aka one-time password . OTP is often applied to applications that need direct authentication. Usually this kind of authentication is applied to the time limit for account security. Well nowadays I often see on social media many account owners often and easily lose […]