BlueStacks CEO: Android in Windows 11 Isn't Perfect

CEO of BlueSacks,Android Emulator on PC, Windows 11

After 11 showed off one of its flagship features that can run android natively on Microsoft's newest operating system, the CEO of the famous BlueStacks Emulator spoke up.

Rosen Sharma CEO of BlueStacks emulator commented on the news that revealed android apps running on OS

For newcomers, it's not easy,” Sharma told Android Authorithy.

BlueStacks CEO said he welcomed Windows 11 with some changes, but according to Sharma “it was an overexmentment.”

Sharma gave two responses, one that convinced that the company was good if indeed Android apps could work on Windows,

regardless it is a serious threat to that famous emulator company.

Bluestacks is the pioneer of Application Emulators for android on PC.

Android on Windows

Our belief is that devices and operating systems should not be an obstacle for android users and gamers,

News from Microsoft is great support for running cross-platform applications, Sharma said.

After responding, Sharma expanded on how he thinks we should be able to dampen expectations about how well Microsoft will be able to run Android apps on Windows.

We are experts in making selluler android games and have an in-depth understanding of basic issues such as virtualization to everyday experiences such as support for keyboards and mice.

We (BlueStacks) have built an application container technology that sits on top of android and solved several problems.

For newcomers, it's not easy,

For example, Android applications must be able to be used with several types of windows machines and do not support touch.

The difference between graphics cards and drivers is very different around the world.

Apps may work in the U.S. but they don't necessarily also work in other parts of the world like in Brazil,

It takes a lot of work if the application can run perfectly in Windows 11, all of those things have been experienced by Bluestacks.

Sharma says some interesting things, even if windows 11 supports native Android apps,

The application developers need to do much more work than before, or can also just change some things to make it work well in Windows,

Others may have to make drastic changes.

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