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  • 7 July 2022
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Forgot your cell phone? Follow This Way Just Check Forgot Number

national phone provider

Sometimes it happens one time we forget about No HP itself.ini there is a guide for you, especially for provider users in Indonesia. This is the easy step to check your PHONE number.
The telephone number becomes the most important side that needs to be stored outside the head, whether it is to exchange numbers with partners or associates, or when the contents of the pulse.

check forgot indosat hp no

Forgot indosat number


How to check forgetting the first Indosat HP number that can be run is through dial up service or better recognized by making a telephone call. This step is really easy and does not be withdrawn credit charges. You can simply make a call to 12330#. Also go to 123721# or 8881*1#. To clarify, here are some steps.
Find the Phone icon on your phone.
Write *123*30# or *12372*1# or *88811#.
Specify a call or dial on your phone.
Look forward for a moment, therefore the operator will quickly send a statement in the form of a pop up window containing your Indosat number, remaining pulse, and the active period of the number owned.

How to check forgot about the My IM3 app

Another step to check forgot indosat's own hp can be run directly through the MyIM3 application. This application as a digital service prepared by Indosat.

Through this application, we can check im3 packages, purchase data and credit packages, and check no indosat itself. With the requirements, you must have registered your Indosat number first.

Therefore, you should after buying indosat's first card, immediately register your Indosat number in this application, thus how to check indosat no through the MyIM3 application is easier and can be carried out at any time with several steps such as the following:

Download the MyIM3 application on playstore or app store for iPhoneMembuka
myIM3 application and registerSudah
clarify, your Indosat number will be recorded there
every login, you can see at the top right, and you can recognize your personal Indosat number there.

customer service

As the 4th step to check forgetting indosat number, you can contact indosat customer service or service center to help find out the mobile number that forgot. This step can be implemented at any time because Indosat's loyal customer service works 24 hours every day. Here is the Indosat service center number that can be contacted.

111 (toll free) for Matrix Ooredoo users.
222 (toll-free) to contact the answering machine without operator100
or 185 (at a toll of Rp400) for Users of Mentari and IM3 Ooredoo.
+6221 5438 8888 and +6221 3000 3000 to contact from the home phone.
+6221 54495 0106 for facsimile machine service.
But if you have the intention to check indosat number in this 4th way, we must patiently wait, especially when contacting the operator in office hours.

Check Indosat number through Indosat Ooredoo website

Now you can check your own indosat no through Indosat Ooredoo's website by visiting https://myim3.indosatooredoo.com/ceknomor/index.

You can access this site anytime and anywhere. Because this is one of the features prepared by Indosat to check MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number) or more recognized hp numbers based on NIK and KK number owners that have been registered.

How to check forgetting No HP TELKOMSEL

telkomsel application


The first step that can be done is to use dial up, this first step as the easiest step to do number testing.
Follow the way below to check the numbers:

Open the call / call tab on your mobile phone, then pencet number *808 #
Pencet column call / call
Then all info about the number will be on the layer of your phone in the calculation of seconds
To do a check forget the telkomsel number hp number through dial up call is important in remember if you must have a pulse because to use the search service this number will be paid a fee of Rp.100 / application, Therefore, make sure if you have enough pulses to do a number search

MyTelkomsel app

Step 2 is to use the MyTelkomsel application, MyTelkomsel as an external application that you can install on your individual mobile phone. By using this application there will be many features that make it easier for you to use Telkomsel cards, one of which is to test numbers.

The first thing you should do is:

Download the MyTelkomsel application on PlayStore or AppStoreLogin
if you already have an account and register if you do not have
when you login in the MyTelkomsel application there will be many features, you can choose the info
columnSeterusnya MyTelkomsel application will show all info about your mobile number

Contact the Operator

The next step is to ask for help by the operator, to ask for the services of the operator you can contact the number 188. Next you can talk to Telkomsel customer service, to use this service you will be charged around Rp.400.

Contact number +628110000333 for those of you who are abroad

check forgot the HP number XL

How to check xl number


The first XL number check step that could be the xl customer's solution is to press the 12371211 # button next call button, on the mobile keypad.Later, XL will display the mobile number in the pop-up window, following the status and preparation of 4G connectivity and serial number of the SIM card (ICCID).

My XL app

In addition to the USSD menu, the step of checking xl number installed on the phone is to pair the myXL application that can be downloaded on Google Play Android Store or Apple App iOS Store Register e-mail but must be remembered, users need to login first to check their mobile number. Then make sure you have paired the myXL application and login in that application, thus obtaining a number.

The user's mobile number is shown at the very top on this application-specific site. It should be noted, consumers must have internet access if they want to connect myXL applications. Even so, loyal consumers can access it even though they do not have an internet package, as long as the device is a mobile phone.

XL Service Consumers

If the mobile number you want to find is not installed on the phone used, customers can contact Customer Service XL on Twitter, Facebook, or live chat feature on the web xl.co.id. Xl customer service can also be contacted through the myXL application in the Contribution feature, number 817, or e-mail in customerservice@xl.co.id. Not to be left behind, customers can also visit the closest XL Center / Xplor outlets that spread in several corners of Indonesia.

Check forgetting no HP AXIS

how to check forgetting the number on Axis


Like other service providers, axis used to offer SMS services for some users who want to check the number. But as time went on, axis further removed this service that was exchanged for dial up service.

There are ways to check your axis number with dial up service, here are the steps:

Go on the dial up menu and then press the number *2#.
Pencet OK / YES on the options listed on the phone
Replace for a moment, your phone monitor will show the axis number that you are using right now.

Other steps:

Intercept 1237# on your cellular phone monitor.
Ok / YES
InterceptIon : The number 5
Is waiting for a moment, you will be informed about the axis number that is being used and other information such as the number of your pulses and packages.

Service Centre Axis

The step to check the 2nd axis number is to contact the axis operator directly. If you want to use this service to check your axis number, you can do some of these things:

no Contact call-center axis at 838 (At a cost of 800 rupiah per call)
contact number 0838-8000-838 then you will be informed about your axis number.
Axis twitter account contacts are @ask_AXIS to ask about your no axis.
Send an e-mail to cs@axisnet.id and then look forward to the reply!

AXIS Net appliciction

The final step to check the number is to use the AXIS Net application. AXIS Net application is a special base that is made to improve telecommunication services for the wearer. And of course if you want to use this service therefore you have to download this application first.

Check forgot no HP SMARTFREN

how to check no smartfren


The easiest first step to check the Smartfren number is to use the dial up feature. Here are some steps to check the Smartfren number by using this
feature First use the dial up application you use to make calls on your phone.
After that dial *995# next call or call.
Then, you will see the Information menu, write the number in front of the menu and then click "call or call".
If the way that has been done is right, then you will see the Smartfren card number info that you use.
Write it down and put the number down so you don't forget to come back.


Another step to check smartfren number is to use SMS.
This step is no less easy, you just send an SMS with the next INFO pattern send to 995.
After the short message is sent, you will get a response or reply message that contains the Smartfren number you use.
No need to worry, even if sending SMS, this service is toll free or free. So, even if you do not have regular credit, you can use this service if needed.
If you want to use this service make sure if after sending sms, your phone or card is active, until sms reply from the operator can enter your phone.

Service Operator Smartfren

Step Check Smartfren Number 2021 Through Smartfren Operator Service has a commitment to provide the best service for the wearer, including service to check the Smartfren number you use.
One of them is the smartfren number check step that you can try through the service operator or customer service (CS).
There are two CS numbers that you can contact to check the Smartfren number, namely at the number 995 and 500.
Customer service will help you tell you the Smartfren number you are using.
CS is active 24 hours, so you can use this service at any time.
Do not forget to write hp number info provided by the call-center, so that when you need a Smartfren number for certain purposes, you are not confused.

Through the MySmartfren Application

Step Check Smartfren Unlimited Number Through MySmartfren Application The next Smartfren number check step that you can determine is to use the MySmartfren application.
This application as a digital service that can be used for several purposes.
Not only for check numbers, but can be used for credit checks, internet package checks, bonus check, buy credit, and buy internet packages easily.

check forgot no HP TRI 3

tri number check application 3


Check number 3 via telephone dial call, has three code dials that you can use. You can choose one of them to check your number 3.
For the first step, you just need to connect the dial menu or phone call menu. Next, *123# then make a call.

Wait a few moments until the call receives a response. Therefore, there will be information that shows the tri number that you use.
Almost like the first step, you only need to use the phone call feature only. First enter the call menu, then work on the call to *998#.
Then there is a pop-up that shows info related to MSISDN or info card number 3 you.
Step check number 3 the 3rd is the same as the first and 2nd, namely through the dial menu or telephone call. So, make sure you have connected the dial menu first.

Next pencet code following 1111# then pencet call. Wait a few moments until there is an info about the number 3 complete with the active period and remaining pulses.


Check the tri number via sms
In addition to using the dial, you can also do via sms. This step is quite efficient because this service is not taken the same cost though.

Step check number 3 via sms:

Open the SMS feature on your mobile device.
Then create a new message.
Write the data information in the contents section of the SMS.
Then send it to number 234.
Sms will be replied with your number 3 info.
In addition to giving him the tri number information used, there you will see the remaining internet packages.

check forgot no HP through Bima+ Program

Apps bima+ is a program from tri providers that takes precedence over the wearer. There you can watch all the info related to number 3 that you use until buying an internet package easily.

check forgot hp no Through Tri Operator

Step check forget no HP number 3 itself next, you have to contact the customer service tri. By contacting him, therefore you will be helped to know how many tri numbers you use.

The trick is quite easy, you just need to contact the number 123. Next you will be helped to check forgot no HP handles the exit that you ask by telephone. In addition to testing numbers, you can also ask other questions related to product 3.

The last step is to ask for help through a colleague's mobile phone, of course your friends keep your number on their mobile phone, they can check your phone number in the 3rd party messaging application such as WhatsApp, Line, Telegram and others.

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