Is this the best SmartPhone of 2021?

By abdul azis hartadi

Best SmartPhone 2021. This is the best HP to date that is reported from the website

All the SmartPhones mentioned here have gone through a test and hundreds of reviews and provides a list of the best of the best in 2021 with brief reviews.

Choosing the Best SmartPhone of 2021 with a lot of debate and comparison, we chose the iPhone 12 Pro as the best choice of the best of 2021 available to date.

Not all best smartphones will suit the needs of the user/user, so we have the best choice that is slightly adjusted to the needs of the user,

As Android fans will love the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and there are also those who choose a more money-saving price, or look for a smaller hp, in this segment there are also many strong options, as we know most phones have started producing with their 5G network capabilities,

Here’s a list of the best 5G phones for now.


Apple iPhone 12 Pro, The Best Smartphone 2021


Best of all: iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 record 100 million units in 7 months

For Whom: Surely iPhone fans, will definitely want to pay more to go up to the next level

Why we chose the iPhone 12 Pro

Apple’s smartphone line continues to grow, and the old software support (often Updated) that makes the smartphone of this fruit logo the best of all.

The newer angular design in the 12 series evolved to an advanced level, a steel frame, an excellent finishing touch in a number of smooth and beautiful colors. Having thinner bezels than the previous series makes the iPhone 12 Pro sweeter although this one smartphone does not yet support a refresh rate of 120 Hz like its competitor the green robot Android.

The iPhone 12 pro has Apple’s best camera system, focusing on improving performance in low light.

The main camera allows more light to enter even in less light conditions and the results show brighter and sharper photos. The A14 Bionic chip allows all cameras embedded in the iPhone 12 Pro to use an added night mode with a sensor called LiDAR.


Hp iPhone 12, iPhone 12


Runner Up: Apple iPhone 12

The difference is why the Apple 12 Pro is so much better than the basic 12 series,

The aluminum frame is not a steel frame that is rust-resistant, as well as reduced, you will lose the telephoto lens as well as the LiDAR sensor, nevertheless, for the same user experience, including camera photos that remain good, battery life is okay, there is also a new MagSafe accessories system.


Best Galaxy S 21 Smart Phone Android 2021


Best Android Phones 2021: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Why you should buy this: It’s the best of the best. With a large screen size and a beautiful AMOLED display. Good software, with lots of features. And a great multi-lens camera. Plus, great battery life.

For whom: Anyone who wants a phone that can handle productivity, games, and video. And every day of use, all with a strong battery life.

Why we chose the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra :

For a top-class experience, Samsung Smartphones are the king of many HP Android High-End levels. The S21 Ultra delivers Samsung’s usually excellent build quality. With a sleek matte glass back that doesn’t leave fingerprints like previous models.

Inside Samsung’s innards, high-end specs, with Snapdragon 888. Add 12 or 16GB of RAM and 128 to 512GB of storage.

This experience is really pinned in an amazing look. The screen stretches up to 6.7 inches and runs up to 120Hz even at its maximum QHD resolution.

Galaxy 21 Ultra Camera

The new quad-camera order also really increases Samsung’s competitiveness to be the best SmartPhone of 2021.

The 108-megapixel main sensor is better than the Note 20 Ultra, and now has two dedicated zoom cameras: 3X and 10X, both with OIS (optical image stabilization).

Along with new processing and stabilization software. You can get fantastic zoom shots at 10X, and even at 30X in the right lighting. Zoom 100X is still a bit of a gimmick, unfortunately.

All of this comes before you see any additional features hidden in the menu. It’s like a wireless DeX mode that connects your phone to a TV or monitor for a desktop-like experience, to a truly stunning display, and reverse wireless charging.

On top of the standard features of great hardware manufacturing quality, waterproof, fast wireless charging, and more.

Debilitation? Well, size is a problem. It’s heavier than the S20 Ultra and is so large that it’s hard to use with one hand. The SmartPhone Galaxy S21 Ultra is also on sale for $1200 (unless there’s a recent discount),

But you really get the best Android phone available right now. Want an alternative?

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is worth a look, but if it has more money it might be the S21 Ultra a profitable option.


One Plus 9 Best Android Phones


Best Android runner-up: OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus continues to improve its competitiveness in the flagship phone space, making competitive phones that can seriously challenge. The OnePlus 9 Pro is the best, almost removing our top pick.

It offers amazing specs, the best hardware, and a high-quality big screen. All of them run the incredible OxygenOS software, which is fast, simple, and very useful—with no errors on offer from Samsung.

Plus, its Warp Charge fast charging is amazing to use every day. 

There are only two shortcomings that make the OnePlus 9 Pro in this position, as the runner-up.

The camera is once again just a step behind Samsung, with inconsistencies between the lens and zoom performance not comparable to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

And well, it’s hard to make that decision when paying more than $1,000 for a high-end model—that’s what you’ll pay for the S21 Ultra, and that’s a tough rival.


Best HP Low end, Best cheap Smartphone


Best cheap Android SmartPhone: Motorola Moto G Power (2021) 

Why you should buy this: Motorola gives you all the basics in good size with some nice features to have.

For whom: Budget shoppers who still want a big phone with good core features.

Why we chose Moto G Power:

When you need a solid phone at an incredible price, you switch to Motorola. It’s just that this formula is refined at the moment, and the latest version is Moto G Power. For $250,

You get a large 6.6-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 600 series chipset, and a hefty 64GB of storage. And here’s the big bonus: A huge 5000 mAh battery that takes a one-time charge for two days, whatever you do.

Elsewhere, Motorola continues to show that it can make consistent and useful software. The take on Android is simple and useful, with just a few customizations and apps to improve the overall experience.

You get quick movements to perform everyday tasks like launching the camera or turning on a flashlight, and Moto Display is a great way to quickly manage notifications when notifications come in.

Obviously, for a cheap price, you’re missing out on a lot of high-end features.

The body is made of plastic, the screen is not good, and the camera is like that. You also don’t get a full waterproof rating or other hardware additions like wireless charging.

But really, it’s not a fundamental part of the experience. You can easily do everything you need to do on a smartphone with Moto G Power, at a very affordable price.


Best compact size hp, best compact size hp


Best Small Size Phone: Google Pixel 4a

Why you should buy this: Google’s approach to smartphones fits perfectly with small, simple, and price-friendly phones.

For whom: Those who finish wearing can stretch their hands, fit in their pockets, and who are tired of using large modern smartphones.

Why we chose the best small SmartPhone of 2021 Google Pixel 4a:

It’s almost impossible to find a really small phone these days, because phones at all price levels, and smartphone screen sizes are getting bigger.

But the Pixel 4a is really small, one of the smallest SmartPhone phones of 2021 you can get today, with a 5.8-inch screen surrounded by tiny bezels.

In addition to its size, the Pixel 4a has so many benefits.

Software Google’s simple and useful runs very well on this lower-end hardware and doubles its value with a strong battery life for the size of the phone.

Yes the screen is a bit average, and the specs will feel a little tired in a few years, but it’s in line with value.

You also get Google’s legendary camera, even in this small, inexpensive device, with a 12-megapixel sensor that can take photos that rivals a phone that costs three times as much.

There are no secondary cameras, and selfie cameras are just almost above average, but frankly, we just picked nits—these are the best cameras in the price class.

Better yet, you get all of this for an incredible price: The Google Pixel 4 is only $349.

So you won’t just stop surfing just to stretch your hands, you don’t have to stretch your wallet to get it.

HP's best revolutionary form, samsung galaxy fold 2


Best revolusioner phone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Why you should buy this: Foldables are the future of the phone, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is the best.

For whom: If you have a big budget to buy a cell phone and want to be different from the rest, this is a phone to consider.

Why we chose Samsung to be the Best SmartPhone of 2021 Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G:

The folding function has not established itself in the world of smartphones as the best mobile phone overall, especially at current prices,

But there is no denying that folding screens have a big place in the future of smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is a perfect example of why.

You get a smartphone shape that looks relatively normal when closed, with an external screen that you can use for basic tasks, and then opens to a large mini tablet screen on demand.

No hinges or open bezels are required, just a spacious screen where you can use multiple apps, or expand your screen for the convenience of reading.

And when you’re done, it folds and is protected from damage.

And since it’s a high-end Samsung phone, you get an amazing experience, like a phone instead of a flip. A powerful camera, good battery life, great software, and outstanding manufacturing quality—as you’d expect for the money.

The problem is, it’s still too expensive to recommend to most people: the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for $2000.










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