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Xl 2022 Cheap Internet Package Dial Code

XL Cheap Internet Package Code

Dial code Unlimited Internet Package Cheap Chat Application from XL 2022 As one of the Companies that provide telecommunication services or providers , one of the widest in Indonesia XL continues to develop its quality to be able to attract many users. Starting from multiplying the network to the rest of the country s / d give the best service to loyal consumers. It's an effort by XL to make it more recognizable. In fact, there is no need to doubt again if XL has many loyal consumers .

Not only popular because it has a fairly flat signal in all countries but XL is also known as an operator that has a cheap XL package 2022 both for chat which is very cheap, and also soon added with a 5G network connection that has been officially released by XL. You can get xl cheap package codes with certain tricks.

Where you will find if the price of this internet provider package is very attractive. One of them is with the many internet package options marketed by XL. Several internet packages in XL ranging from game packages, tiktok packages, youtube streaming to free or free chat on Whatsapp or Facebook.

Here is the promo package xl 2022, quota package xl 2022 , Dial Code Xl Cheap Internet Package In 2022

Dial Code XL *123*4*1*2*1 #

XL Cheap plan

This is the buy code of XL cheap internet quota package to obtain a package of 2 GB (00-12) + 200 MB (12-24). Another option you can also choose a 5.5GB package at a price of Rp. 5.500. It's pretty cheap , isn't it? To enable dial directly Code *123*4*1*2*1# on your phone

Dial Code XL *123*4*6*3 #

Some people may be able to internet with a 1GB plan for one month. But if the internet connection is often to Youtube, Tiktok, Iflix to Instagram, of course, it will need a lot of packages.
Through dial code *123*4*6*3# you can get a cheap extra package of 30 GB from XL with some divisions such as the following.
1 GB for chat apps like whatsapp, Line and Telegram, 14 GB for watching movies from Iflix, and 15 GB back for the night package.
This extra package package has an active period of 30 days at the most accessible price of only Rp11,900.

Dial *123*505*2 #

In addition to the dial, cheap packages can be accessed through the myXL application.

Code *123*505*2# as a dedicated internet package for twitter mania users . If your internet connection in every day is just twitter only because this package is mandatory for you to buy. The dial code offers a Dial code package to buy cheap Internet Quota xl unlimited Twitter and Chat on Twitter for 30 days, enough with Rp 7,000

Dial *123*11 #

Still not quite happy with the original package? You can try this. Code *123*11# will give you a buy code for cheap internet package quota from XL for whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Telegram mobile chat packages for rp. 2,500 every day

Code *123*999 #

For HP vivo V9 users who use XL cards therefore can enjoy special promotional offers with a package quota of 9 GB.
Through this xl package offer you can use the 9 GB package for the purposes of viewing movies from Iflix.
In addition, there is a 900 MB package that you can use for other internet connections freely.
However, this internet package can be activated when you have activated the XTRA Combo package.

Dial Code *123*5*4*1 #

Get a super internet package from XL by using dial code *123*5*4*1#. This code as an internet package that offers optimal speed with a package of 2 GB for hours 00-12. While for hours 12-24 there is a package of 200 MB.

Dial Code *123*5778 #

If your internet needs in every day more master connected chat application, therefore this package as the right option for you.
Please write *123*5778# cheap package code Internet xl unlimited using your mobile phone in order to be able to

As much as possible using famous chat programs such as Whatsapp, Line, and other chat apps.

Dial Code *123*6*4*4 #

The package runs out but the pulse is not enough for a big package bell? Relax, you can use the irit package for Chat access or Facebook Application with just xl dial code for Rp. This 3,500

Dial Code *123*4*1*2*2 #

For those of you who are used to buying and using a quota of cheap daily packages , XL gives him attractive offers with dial codes. You can get a fairly large daily package at a cheap price. This XL dial code will give you a 1 GB internet package with Rp. 1,000 every day

Dial Code *123*4*1*2*3 #

dial XL cheap unlimited Youtube package
cheap XL dial code unlimited Youtube package

Streaming YouTube and VIU videos using regular packages will certainly be wasteful. When you like watching videos on this website therefore you can try a special package for streaming. By using this code you can get a package for streaming Youtube and VIU amounting to 1 GB at a price of Rp. 1,000 every day.

Dial Code *123*544*3 #

The dial code offers a cheap xl unlimited internet package for Facebook for 30 days with enough rp 25,000.

Dial Code *500*33 #

This dial code will give you unlimited Internet packages for PUBG Mobile Games, JOOX and 5 other Programs + 3GB Special Package + Application Voucher of 59 thousand with XTRA King Card package Rp 59,000

Dial Code *123*11*3 #

Are you active on social media? This is the right package for you to try. This dial code will give you a Facebook plan that can be used to up-date status for 30 days. For the price itself is Rp33,000 per package / month.

Dial Code *123*363*3 #

Cheap XL internet package code *123*363*3# to be able to connect opera mini application as much as possible indefinitely

Dial Code *123*600 #

Xl's cheap internet package will give you the freedom to use WhatsApp as much as possible. WhatsApp is the most user messenger today, you can use it as a tool to send messages, call, and make video calls.

So that your communication is still smooth be it for task problems, individuals, or other needs, therefore you can buy this package.

dial code to buy unlimited quota package facebook whatsapp xl 2021
Cheap Xtra XL Talk Plan And Get Free Internet

Code *123# For XL Phone Packages And Super-Saving Internet

By Dial Code *123# you will find several Packages for XL calls. In the package there will be several options. Including xl internet quota package. Here's the Internet Package and Cheap Call Package from XL

Xtra Talk Monthly Valid for 30 Days at Rp 30,000 with unlimited call-free details for 30 days, 30 Minutes phone bonus and XL Internet all 200MB network

Xtra Talk Weekly Valid for 7 days. You will get a free phone to fellow XL for 7 Days, To operator no XL 20 Minutes and internet all 50 MB network for Rp 15,000

Xtra Talk Daily This phone and inernet XL package is valid for 1 day at a price of Rp 5,000. With the daily Xtra talk plan you can also get 10MB of inernet package and 10 Minutes of phone calls to all carriers

RabihDigital.com does not guarantee if the dial code works properly because it can change at any time.

Happy practicing !!!

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