Dial Code of The Cheapest and Unlimited Latest Indosat Internet Package

By abdul azis hartadi

Indosat Latest Cheap Internet Package Dial Code and Update

Indosat im3 internet package dial code is cheap or free unlimited daily or monthly you can get from the cheapest Rp 3,000. Up to the most expensive Rp 150,000. This you can do through your smartphone dial without having to go to the application. This internet quota package and price from Indosat ooredoo will not always apply. So there will be only at certain moments. Dial code is the code that we input through the dial on HP to get certain benefits from mobile providers.

On the list of codes for cheap internet packages indosat there will be an active period from 1 day to 1 month. Users can use the cheap indosat dial code 2022 Currently also before the promo period runs out. in the dial code of indosat quota internet data package is sometimes there are several that can not be used. But also in certain card numbers indosat internet dial code has some secret features. Like indosat free quota that sometimes appears on the dial code.

At least there are some cheap package codes indosat what we can summarize for you.But this is not code because you have to fill out regular indosat credit first.

Indosat offers several indosat Internet package dial codes Special for loyal users of yellow providers. Here are some cheap Indosat Internet dial codes that you can try on your smartphone, of course, that uses Indosat Ooredoo provider.

Here is a Collection of Indosat IM3 Dial Code For Unlimited Cheap Internet Packages

Dial *123*4 #

In the list code of the cheap package dial above the indosat provider users are offered free bonuses up to 4 GB. By pressing the code on the smartphone dial *123*4# . You can get freedom internet main quota of 4 GB with a bonus of 4 GB in certain zones. For the price of Rp25,000 valid for 1 month (30 Days)

Dial Code *123*8 #

By pressing the dial button code *123*8# Indosat users will get a free bonus discount indosat internet package up to 40%. There are several latest packages indosat is a sensation of 50 GB with a price of Rp100,000 which has a normal price of Rp150,000. There is also a 100 GB Internet Freedom package whose normal price is Rp250,000 which is discounted to Rp150,000

dial *123*111 #

In the list of dial codes above Indosat internet users can get a daily cheap quota indosat.1GB with only Rp 3,500 valid for 1 day. For 1 GB for indosat 3-day internet package that you can get at a price of Rp 5,000. For 2 GB Internet Package for Rp 5,500 which is valid for 3 days.

Dial Code *123*2*3 #

Pressing dial *123*2*3# Indosat users can get Freedom internet main quota of 10 GB. Kodel dial indosat which has an additional bonus of 10 GB free in certain zones. Indosat dial internet package costs Rp 50,000.

Dial Code *929 #

For Indosat card users can use dial code *929# Will be able to get Indosat internet package with the following details:

Unlimited internet unlimited indosat Unlimited Apps + 2GB, Rp 40.000,- / 30 days

With Unlimited Internet code Dial Indosat Youtube + 3Gb, Rp 60,000,- / 30 days (can free bonus quota 500MB / day)

Have a Quota of 6GB, Rp 40,000,- / 30 days (can 3GB bonus valid 5 days)

Can Quota 4GB, Rp 30,000,- / 30 days (can 1GB bonus valid 3 days)

New package! With a choice of 6GB, 10GB, 12GB, and 20GB with an active life of 60-90 days.

Dial *123*3 #

For data packages with the name internet only for you this will be different from Indosat's HP number from each other. You can see by pressing indosat dial code at *123*3# to view offers from Indosat internet. The variant and timing of this package will come with a specific time.

internet unlimited indosat Youtube + 3GB, Rp 60.000,- valid 30 days

Indosat Unlimited + 2GB internet apps, Rp 40,000 Price Plan, – valid for 30 days + 500Mb quota bonus per day

6GB, Package Price Rp 40,000,- valid 30 days + Indosat 3GB Internet Bonus valid 5 days

4GB, Rp 30,000,- valid 30 days

Some Indosat internet package offers even provide access to Youtube with unlimited, so it is perfect for those of you who often watch videos from Youtube.

Dial Code *123*60 #

Indosat deals quota package

In addition to data only4U and Yellow packages, Indosat ooredoo in the form of dial codes also still has attractive cheap internet called Deals quota package. This deals quota you can access by using the dial code *123*60# through your smartphone that already uses an active Indosat card.

The menu that will appear on the deals quota package include the following:

1. Freedom U (Unlimited) Discount

2. Quota 6GB, Rp 25,000,- valid for 60 days

3. Quota 2GB, Rp 4,000,- valid 3 days

4. Quota 4GB, Rp 9,000,- valid 5 days

5. Quota 2GB, Rp 10,000,- valid for 30 days

6. Quota 6GB, Rp 18,000,- valid for 30 days

7. Call As much as Rp 5,000,- valid for 30 days

We can see in this Indosat im3 deals quota package offers internet quotas and prices that vary greatly. If you rarely use the internet or only need a little quota then you can choose package number 1 which has a long active period of up to 60 days.

This package is perfect for those of you who prefer to prioritize a long active period because it only needs a little quota.

Dial Code *123*445 #

FUN and EDU freedom packages with Dial Code
FUN and EDU freedom packages with Dial Code

Next there is Indosat Dial Code 2022 *123*445# which is a fun and EDU freedom package. For those of you who like to use youtube, netflix, IG or other apps, this package is perfect for you to use because it is unlimited.

As for accessing other websites you can use the quota of the following Freedom FUN and EDU package options:

1. Indosat Internet FUN Package Price 10GB, Rp 39.800,- valid 30 days

2. 6GB FUN plan, Rp 24.800,- valid 15 days

3. 2GB FUN Plan, Rp 11.800,- valid 7 days

4. 30GB EDU plan, Rp 24.800,- valid for 30 days

5. 2GB FUN plan, Rp 3,800,- valid 2 days

Dial Code *123*300*2 #

Not a few Indosat Im3 internet users now spend more time just to watch Youtube Streaming with high resolution. High-resolution videos such as FullHD or even 4K resolution are certainly very wasted on your internet quota . So that the quota does not run out quickly, you can buy the Data Unlimited Youtube and Apps package from Indosat by pressing the dial code 123*300*2#. Indosat Internet package this time only has a main quota of 500 MB only, while access through its Youtube app is unlimited. Unlimited Youtube and Apps package has an active period of 3 days with indosat package price of Rp 5000 only.

Code *123*4*2 #

Internet Quota package freedom combo
Internet Quota package freedom combo

If you are actively using indosat internet access but also actively making phone calls then this dial code package you can choose. Freedom Combo internet package indosat cheap 2022 offers internet quota and phone package with a long duration. Through this package you can do internet access and phone more freely to all operators.

As for the choice of Indosat M3 Freedom Combo Data package that you can choose more or less as follows:

1. 50GB quota (Main quota 25GB + Local 15GB + 10GB hours 01-06) + 60 minutes All Operator, Rp 150,000,- valid 30 days

2. 30GB quota (Main quota 16GB + Local 8GB + 6GB hours 01-06) + 60 minutes All Operator, Rp 100,000,- valid 30 days

3. 20GB quota (Main quota 11GB + Local 5GB + 5GB hours 01-06) + 40 minutes All Operator, Rp 70,000,- valid 30 days

4. 14GB quota (Main quota 7.5GB + Local 3.5GB + 3GB hours 01-06) + 30 minutes All Operator, Rp 50,000,- valid 30 days

5. Quota 8GB (Main quota 4GB + Local 2GB + 2GB hours 01-06) + 20 minutes All Operator, Rp 35,000,- valid 30 days

6 . 4GB quota (Main quota 2GB + Local 1GB + 1GB hours 01-06) + 5 minutes All Operator, Rp 25,000,- valid 30 days

Most Indosat ooredoo internet has the same active period of 30 days. While the call package to all operators is available ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. In the freedom combo package, the total quota is divided into three, namely the main quota, local, and night (01-06 hours).  The main quota is a quota that you can use at any time without restrictions on curfews and places. While the local quota means that it can only be used in the same location or city when you activate this package. Then there is a night quota of course you can only use at certain hours only that is 01-06 hours.

Dial Code *123*300*1*3 #

complete package dial code from Indosat
complete package dial code from Indosat

Although there are many chat applications scattered, but SMS until now still exists. If in everyday you still need SMS services then you should buy a complete package so as not to suck the main quota. This complete data package from Indosat offers 3 in 1 service for its loyal users, namely internet, SMS, and call services. That's why the name of this package is named “complete” because it is all in one package. If you are interested in this complete indosat package can directly use it by pressing the dial code *123*300*1*3# on your Android smartphone .

1. Complete 3 days (Unlimited Internet, Unlimited Nelon and SMS to fellow Indosat Ooredo), Rp 15,000,-

2. Complete 7 days (Unlimited Internet, Unlimited Nelon and SMS to fellow Indosat Ooredo), Rp 20,000,-

If you want to subscribe for a long period of time, then make sure there is a main pulse so that the system can do automatic renewal.

Dial *123*300*1*2 #

Although both use the name “freedom” but the Internet Quota freedom combo package turned out to be different from the internet freedom quota package. If on the purchase of freedom combo package you will get quota and call, then on the freedom package there is only quota only. This package from Indosat is very suitable to be chosen for those of you who are internet maniacs or who in everyday life do work with an internet connection. Packages can use indosat dial code *123*300*1*2#

Here are some choices of internet freedom packages from Indosat that you can choose with different quota variants:

1. Internet Quota 25GB, Rp 100,000,- valid for 30 days

2. 18GB Package Quota, Rp 75,000,- valid for 30 days

3. Indosat Quota 10GB, Rp 50,000,- valid for 30 days

4. Im3 quota 4GB, Rp 25,000,- valid 30 days

5. Indosat cheap quota 2GB, Rp 15,000,- valid 30 days

6. Quota 2GB, Rp 6,900,- valid 1 day

Dial Code *123*1 #

For you loyal users of Indosat card provider is certainly very familiar with the name Yellow. Indosat Yellow package is proven to be preferred by many people because of the cheap price with abundant quotas. For those of you who want to buy a Yellow package from Indosat , you can use dial *123*1#.

The package offered by Indosat has an active period of 1 day with a quota amount of 1GB. The price is also very cheap, which is only Rp3500 per day, so make sure your credit has a minimum balance in order to buy the yellow. One of the advantages of this yellow is, Indosat has provided a safe pulse feature in order to protect your main pulse.

As we know that in most cases any provider user is usually still very prone to the main pulse cut when the data is almost exhausted. With the safe pulse feature from Indosat, then your main pulse will be safer. When it has entered safe pulse mode, the speed of indosat im3 internet connection will decrease but will not suck the main pulse. In this position you still have the opportunity to immediately buy a new package again so that the internet speed can be optimal again.

Dial Code *123*300*1*4 #

Indosat's next cheap internet package code is *123*300*1*4# which offers unlimited internet connection. This internet data is perfect for you to use without having to worry about running out of quotas. Indosat deliberately provides Unlimited Internet with a 24-hour active period that you can use to access anything through the internet. Because of its unlimited nature, this is the most suitable for you to use to access such as Youtube, TikTok, online games, and applications that you often use for other online.

Dial Code *123*369 #

Indosat Dial Code for Online Learning at Zenius
Indosat Dial Code for Online Learning at Zenius

Until now teaching and learning activities are still carried out online. That's why Indosat launched an Internet package called IMClass 30GB. If you are a student or a student who needs an internet connection with a study application such as Zenius, home study, etc., you can buy a 30GB IMClass package.

The active period is 30 days and will be automatically extended by the system, so you need to make sure that the main pulse is sufficient. To activate it you just need to press the code *123*369# through your favorite smartphone. And you need to know that not all websites and applications can be accessed using IMClass 30 GB. Only study applications such as Zenius, RuangGuru, Rumah Belajar, Sekolahmu, and sites from universities registered in Indonesia.

Dial Code *123*363 #

Indosat youtube unlimited package with dial code
Indosat youtube unlimited package with dial code

Indosat's next cheap package code is also using the word “freedom” to emphasize freedom for internet users who like to watch videos. Freedom U Internet package is a special dial quota package code from Indosat to support watching Youtube, movies or other online streaming . For those of you who need a large quota then you can choose this freedom U package by using the dial code *123*363#.

Here is a choice of freedom U package variants that can adjust the budget and the amount of quota:

1. U quota 10GB + 25GB, Rp 100,000,- applies to Apps

2. U quota 7GB + 20GB, Rp 80,000,- applies to Apps

3. Quota of 18GB, Rp 75,000,- applies to all internet activities

4. U quota 3GB + 15Gb, Rp 60,000,- applies to Apps

5. 10GB quota, Rp 50,000,- applies to all internet activities

6. U quota 2GB + 7.5GB, Rp 40,000,- applies to Apps

7. U JUMBO quota, Rp 150,000,- applies to all internet activities

8. Quota 25GB, Rp 100,000,- valid for 30 days

9. U quota 1GB + 4.5 GB, Rp 25,000,- applies to Apps

10. 4GB quota, Rp 25,000,- applies to all internet activities

11. 2GB quota, Rp 15,000,- applies to all internet activities

12. U quota 1GB + 2GB, Rp 15,000,- valid for 7 days

13. Quota U 500MB + 1GB, Rp 5,000,- valid for 2 days

The latest Indosat cheap data package dial code 2022 for fast internet with large quotas has indeed become a necessity for many people. Currently it is almost impossible anymore if users use the main credit for internet because of the expensive rates.

And that's why a provider like Indosat certainly provides internet specialty at a more affordable price. Those are some of Indosat's cheap internet packages. We summarize from various sources to make it easier for you to choose a cheap internet package. With good infrastructure and service Indosat will always provide cheap internet 2022 either through application or dial code.

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