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  • 7 July 2022
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AdGuard Dns How to Install On Android IOS And Windows

How to Set up an Adguard Android iphone iOS laptop or Windows computer

AdGuard DNS one of the possible DNS service providers for the layperson is rarely known. This service is similar to Cloudflare which provides services for DNS both free and paid. Adguard DNS aims to filter DNS and support modern DNS encryption methods that are currently often used in other DNS providers. Such as DNS-over-HTTPS encryption, DNS-over-TLS, and DNSCrypt. AdGuard already has servers located all over the world. So we just wear it with a simple setting.

DNS functions and meanings

DNS serves as a translator of internet user input.
DNS serves as a translator of internet user input.

Domain Name System (DNS) itself as quoted on the Wikipedia site serves as a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers or other devices and resources connected to the internet. DNS will translate numeric domain names into this easy-to-memorize method needed to identify services and devices to communicate with networks on the internet. Examples of IP numbers after being routed/translated to DNS will or can be read by rabihdigital.com.

Other DNS functions can also block or open certain services. As in ADSGuard DNS, you can block adult content or can unblock it (in general to unblock). If we use it on hp devices or DNS computers this can block annoying ads when we use applications or browse.

How to Install AdGuard DNS

how to install ANDROID and iOS Adguard DNS

DNS also have special applications that must be installed. This applies if we want to customize the DNS service. Like if you want to block Youtube or Facebook. But we can also use AdGuard without installing anything. Of course, we just use it without being able to costume it specifically. Here’s how to install and use AdGuard on an iOS android device or desktop computer with Windows.

Install DNS Adguard on Android

How to install adGuard on android can be done in the following ways:

  1. Open settings from Android (for android 9 and above)
  2. Search the connection menu
  3. Then open the other connection settings
  4. Select private DNS menu
  5. Then put this setting into the column: dns.adguard.com
  6. For the easiest way you can use DNS search in the search box in the settings.

How to Install Adguard block Ads on iPhone / iOS

Here’s how to install iPhone or iOS AdGuard DNS

  1. Open the Wifi menu on your iPhone or iOS
  2. Please select the wifi that is connected then on the exclamation point icon to open the Wifi setting on the iPhone.
  3. Once open scroll down until you find the settings for replacing DNS
  4. Then enter the following settings into the DNS column on the iPhone: or

Installing an AdGuard on a Computer or Laptop

There are several ways to install Adguard DNS on a laptop or desktop computer that you can use. First, we will give an example of how to install filters with DNS through the settings of the network connection. Here’s how:

  1. Go to network settings on the Windows you’re using. You can use search in Windows to find network settings.
  2. Right-click on the icon network that is connected then you can choose Internet Protocol Version 4
  3. Once open you will find the DNS settings at the bottom and switch to Use the Following DNS server Addresses.
  4. Enter the following Adguard IP Address settings: and
  5. Then pencet Oct to save.

Install DNS on a browser on your computer or laptop

install DNS costum in mozilla or opera chrome browser

In addition to the network connection settings, you can also install DNS specifically on the browser you use. Here’s how to install DNS on browsers that are often used, namely Opera, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Open your favorite browser you use to install AdGuard DNS so you don’t get distracted by ads while surfing.
  2. How to enter the settings menu to search for DNS settings
  • Chrome – Setting-Security And Privacy – Advanced – Use Secure DNS With Custom
  • Opera – Settings – Go To Full Browser Setting – Advanced – System – Use DNS over HTTPS click to enable it – Select costum
  • Mozilla FireFox – Settings – General – Network Setting – Scroll down select Enable DNS over HTTPS and switch options to costum.
  1. Once you can find the settings for the DNS costume in the browser then enter this URL:
  2. Just close the settings tab to be able to use custom DNS from AdGuard

Those are some easy ways to use custom DNS settings from AdGuard or other DNS providers and also how to install on android devices laptop computers that have windows operating system. After using this setting maybe from some there will be an increase in internet speed that you can get. To be a record, there are some websites that can not use DNS custom so when you browse type web address and happens an error you try to turn off DNS Custom Adguard. Good luck trying

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