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  • 7 July 2022
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Website And Apps Download Facebook Video From PC or Phone

How to download Facebook videos easily

How to Download Facebook HD Video by using an apps downloader or website can be done either from a smartphone or a Laptop PC. As one of the most widely usered social media, Facebook is certainly a lot of content creators there. Especially now that video-based social media is being compulsive.

It’s an interesting video on Facebook. Sometimes when we scroll we can see a unique video. And it often makes us eager to download videos from FB to just be a collection or shared.

There are several ways to download videos on Facebook. You can use the video downloading application or use a special web that can download videos from FB.

Here’s how to download Facebook HD videos through the App and website

There are many choices of applications and website to download video on Facebook either on android or on Apple’s iOS. We will quote a few applications only because there are hundreds of applications that can be used as a reference for video downloads.

1. FB Video Downloader web

FB Video Downloader to download via Android
FB Video Downloader to download via Android

This application can be downloaded in the app store on your android phone . With the FB Video Downloader application suitable for Facebook you will get the best quality download results. The first way you can search for and install FB video Downloader on the Google Play Store. Once installed, open the app. Sign in with your Facebook account . Find the video you want to keep in your memory. After finding the video you want, press the download button.

2. InShot Video Downloader

InShot Video Downloader can download HD and Can to Download Instagram Reels, story or instaTV
InShot Video Downloader can download HD and Can to Download Instagram Reels, story or instaTV

If you want a downloader application that can choose the resolution size. Facebook Downloader InShot Video app can be the right choice. You can choose the desired level of quality. Because the greater the resolution, the storage memory also swells. Here’s how to use InShot Video Downloader.

Once you’ve downloaded, you’ll need to log in to your Facebook account. Find the desired video. Select the save option, then wait a while later will appear the HD resolution option that you will save after downloading on the InShot Video Downloader application for facebook.

3. FastVid For Facebook

FastVid For Facebook has a decent download speed for videos
FastVid For Facebook has a fair download speed for videos on facebook

FastVid For Facebook application has the advantage of speed of downloading facebook videos quickly. How to use this application is also not too difficult to download videos from Facebook. Here’s how to download it with the FastVid For Facebook app.

You can download the FastVid For Facebook app on the Google Play store. Once installed you can login your Facebook account in the application. Like the previous app. You just press the download button when you have found a favorite video.

4. 4kDownload.com

4kDownload.com has FB video downloader for Android and Windows Apps
4kDownload.com has a facebook HD video downloader for Android and Windows Apps

This time is a website that is specifically for PC or Laptop devices. Because this is a file with .exe that is installed on a PC or Laptop. Here’s how to use 4kDownload.com to download videos from Facebook.

Visit the page of the site in https://www.4kdownload.com/ then you download the installer on the PC. After that install the application. In any browser, right-click on the Facebook video you want to download with this website and select Copy the URL of the current video Open HD 4K Video Downloader and click Paste App Link will pull the video link from the clipboard. Select the quality of the video you want and click Download.

Download Facebook Videos Via Dedicated Web

Aside from the applications that need to be installed either on HP or Smartphone. You can download Facebook videos over the website. On some websites you can use link links to download videos. This method can also be applied to the browser on your phone or mobile phone.

But some recommend downloading through Mozilla. Here are some of the website that provides media for download Facebook HD video:


In addition to FB you can save videos on many platforms on Dredown
In addition to FB you can download videos on many platforms on Dredown

To use this site, the first step is to open the Facebook application or web and then look for the video you want to download. Then copy the Facebook video link that you will download. Go dredown.com then paste the video link. Then automatically the video will be downloaded and saved.

2. Website to Download Facebook Video: Snapsave.app

You must install a browser plugin to be able to download High Definition videos on Snapsave.app
You have to install a browser plugin to be able to download HD videos on Snapsave.app

Web Snapsave.app is a site for downloading videos on Facebook. How to copy the video link. Then go to the snapsave.app site and paste the link in the paste column of the Facebook URL video. Click download.

3. Downloadvideosfrom.com site for download facebook video

Downloadvideosfrom.com can save FB videos in Mp4 High Definition format
Downloadvideosfrom.com can save Facebook videos in Mp4 HD format

Search downloadvideosform.com site and then search for videos that you don’t download. Then copy the link and then enter the link that has been copied in the available column. Then select the MP4 Download option. The video is downloaded. On this web you can also download videos with HD resolution.

4.FBDownloader.net downloader site

the advantages of fb FBDownloader.net video save site is ad-free
the advantages of fb video download site FBDownloader.net is ad-free

This site is widely used for video downloads. The web also provides services for free. You don’t have to pay for a subscription. To get started you can fill in the url column with FB Downloader.net.

Find the video you want on Facebook and copy the link. Paste the link to be able to download videos from Facebook

5.Use mbasic site mode to Download Facebook Videos Can BE HD as well

change the appearance of facebook to mbasic can also make video download
changing the appearance of Facebook to mbasic can also make video downloads

By using mbasic method to download videos quickly. This way you do not need to copy the video link link. This method is simply replacing and adding to the Facebook URL. Here’s how:

Sign in to Facebook on your computer. You can do this in any browser.

Open the video you want to download. You need to start playing the video. Then right-click on the video. This will cause a pop-up menu to appear with the Play, Mute, and Show Video URLs.

Next, click View Video URL. Copy the URL that appears at the top of the video. You can do this by pressing Ctrl + C on a Windows keyboard or Command + C on a Mac. You can also right-click the URL and select Copy.

Open another tab in your browser and paste the URL into the address bar. You can do this by pressing Ctrl + V on a Windows keyboard or Command + V on a Mac computer. You can also right-click and select Paste. Don’t press Enter on your current keyboard.

Replace www in URL with mbasic. You can do this by selecting text using your mouse and pressing Delete on your keyboard. Then type or paste mbasic where it used to be www. So, your new URL should start with https://mbasic.facebook.com/…

Then press Enter on your keyboard . This will open a new page. Next, click the video you want to download. This will open another page with a video player with a full-page black background. Right-click the video and select Save video as. Finally, select the name and purpose of your video and click Save . You can then open the file with any media player that recognizes the MP4 file.

Here are some website or apps to download Facebook videos. This way you can do it either on a smartphone or desktop PC. Always look at the resolutions you will keep. Because the greater the resolution of videos downloaded from Facebook will certainly eat up storage memory.

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