Best Hostnames for Fastest Private DNS on Android

Menggunakan DNS Pribadi Tercepat Pada Android
Using the Fastest Private DNS on Android

Hello, welcome back to the simple writing of the Faithful readers of Rabih Digital. This time, we discuss the fastest private DNS hostname on Android devices.

I'm sure some of you must know what DNS is and the usefulness of personal DNS for internet speed on Android smartphone devices. For those who do not know what DNS is and How to use it, we will discuss it in detail below. And I will also provide some DNS hostnames that you can use in personal DNS settings on Android smartphone devices that you have.

What is Private DNS and Why is it Important for Internet Speed?

Private DNS is a service that allows users to use a dedicated DNS server to manage and translate domain names to IP addresses. The DNS servers used by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are generally unreliable as they are sometimes slow to respond or even experience downtime. Therefore, using a private DNS can help improve your internet speed.

One of the reasons why private DNS is essential for improving internet speed is because they have a more advanced infrastructure than conventional DNS servers. These servers are usually equipped with load balancing and caching technologies that allow them to efficiently handle requests from multiple users simultaneously. As such, response times will be faster, and you can access websites more smoothly.

In addition, using a private DNS can minimize the risk of being exposed to phishing or malware attacks. This is because these DNS servers are configured with features such as filtering and blocklisting that will automatically block access to malicious sites. Thus, not only does it improve your internet speed, but it also protects you from the threats that exist in the online world.

As technology develops and internet usage increases, private DNS can provide greater privacy. Using a private DNS will not record your browsing data by your ISP or conventional DNS servers. Thus, your data will be more secure and cannot be accessed by irresponsible parties. To better understand the usefulness of private DNS, you can see the article How to Use, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Private DNS.

How to Use the Fastest Private DNS on Android

DNS (Domain Name System) is a crucial mechanism for converting domain names into IP addresses needed to access websites. With DNS, we can easily access websites using familiar domain names instead of memorizing long and complicated IP addresses. This makes using the internet more accessible and more efficient for users.

Many Android users use private DNS to improve their internet speed and security. This is because, most of the time, using the default DNS from your internet service provider does not provide optimal performance. With private DNS, you can maximize your internet experience more efficiently.

DNS berfungsi sebagai penerjemah dari input pengguna internet
DNS serves as a translator of internet user input

Here are the steps to use the fastest private DNS on your Android device:

  1. Open the settings menu on your Android.
  2. Log in to connect and sharing in to connect and share.
  3. Choose a private DNS.
  4. A pop-up will appear to change the personal DNS. Then, you can select the hostname we provide in the article below.
  5. Then hit save and try testing your internet speed, and you can try to choose the best and fastest hostname for DNS on Android.

By using the fastest private DNS, you can improve the speed and security of your internet connection on your Android device. In addition, you can also easily set up and manage your private DNS usage through the downloaded app.

Boost Internet Speed with the Best Hostnames for Private DNS

To improve internet speed on Android devices, one of the things that can be done is to use the best hostname for personal DNS. DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that maps domain names to IP addresses so that devices can communicate with servers efficiently.

The hostname is a label given to each device connected to the internet network. By using the best hostname, finding and mapping IP addresses will be faster and more accurate, increasing the internet speed on your device.

Cloudflare is one of the best-recommended hostnames for private DNS on Android devices. Cloudflare offers a speedy and stable DNS resolver service with additional security features such as protection from DDoS attacks and malware.

In addition, users can also choose other alternative hostnames, such as Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. Both of these services also improve internet speed on Android devices.

Example of Hostnames that can be used for Fastest Private DNS on Android

A hostname is an address to identify and connect a device to an internet network. In using private DNS, choosing the proper hostname can affect the internet connection speed on your Android device. The following are some examples of the best hostnames that can be used to improve private DNS speed on Android.

1. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is one of the most popular hostnames often used by many internet users. It offers fast and stable access as Google's reliable global server infrastructure supports it. To use this hostname, you can enter the address or in your Android device's Wi-Fi or cellular connection settings.

2. Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare DNS is also one of the best hostname options to improve internet connection speed on your Android device. By using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) technology, Cloudflare guarantees the security and privacy of its users' data and reduces the server's response time, making browsing faster and smoother.

3. Clean Browsing DNS

CleanBrowsing DNS offers stable and secure connection speeds for your Android device. It uses DNSCrypt technology, which provides automatic data encryption, preventing access from unwanted servers. CleanBrowsing also offers a selection of content filters to protect users from malicious and unwanted content.

4. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is one of the popular hostnames used to improve internet connection speed on Android devices. It offers fast and secure access using Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) technology that allows users to avoid phishing or malware attacks.

5. Quad9 DNS

Quad9 DNS offers reliable internet connection speed by optimizing the response time of its servers. In addition, it also comes with malware and phishing blocking features and can help users access websites that internet providers block.

Host Name List for Fastest Android Private DNS

  • 1. ( Adguard – Default)
  • 2. ( Adguard – Family Protection )
  • 3. ( Adguard – Non-filtering)
  • 4. ( Clean Browsing – Family Filter )
  • 5. ( Clean Browsing – Adult Filter )
  • 6. ( Clean Browsing – Security Filter )
  • 7. ( Google )
  • 8. ( Cloudflare – Standard )
  • 9. ( Cloudflare – Malware Blocking )
  • 10. ( Cloudflare – Malware & Adult Blocking )
  • 11. ( Quad9 – Standard )
  • 12. ( Quad9 – Unsecured )
  • 13. ( Quad9 – ECS Support )
  • 14. ( Switch )
  • 15. ( – West DNS Server )
  • 16. ( – East DNS Server )
  • 17. ( CIRA Canadian Sheild – Private )
  • 18. ( CIRA Canadian Shield – Protected )
  • 19. ( CIRA Canadian Shield – Family )
  • 20. ( BlahDNS – Finland )
  • 21. ( BlahDNS – Japan )
  • 22. ( BlahDNS – Germany )
  • 23. ( Snopyta )
  • 24. ( DNS For Family )
  • 25. ( CZ.NIC ODVR )
  • 26. ( Ali DNS )
  • 27. ( 360 Secure )
  • 28. ( IIJ.JP )
  • 29. ( DNSPod Public )
  • 30. ( Privacy First – Singapore )
  • 31. ( Privacy First – Japan )
  • 32. ( OSZX DNS )
  • 33. ( Applied Privacy )
  • 34. ( DeCloudUs )
  • 35. ( DNS.SB )
  • 36. ( DNS Forge )
  • 37. ( Fondation Restena )
  • 38. ( FFMUC DNS )
  • 39. ( Digitale Gesellschaft )
  • 40. ( Libre DNS )
  • 41. ( ibksturm )
  • 42. ( DNS Privacy )
  • 43. ( Seby DNS )
  • 44. ( DNSlify )
  • 45. ( Next DNS )
  • 46. ( Rethink DNS )
  • 47. ( ControlID – Unfiltered )
  • 48. ( ControlID – Block Malware )
  • 49. ( ControlID – Block Malware + Ads )
  • 50. ( ControlID – Block Malware + Ads + Social )
  • 51. ( Mullvad – Unfiltered )
  • 52. ( Mullvad – Adblock )
  • 53. ( Dandelion Sprout's Official )
  • 54. ( Hurricane Electric )

Choosing the proper hostname can improve the internet connection speed on your Android device. However, you can also try other hostnames and adjust them to your individual needs and preferences if needed. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Hostname for Private DNS Usage on Android

A hostname is a unique address used to identify a device on an internet network. In using private DNS, choosing the correct hostname is very important to improve the speed and performance of DNS on your Android device. Here are some for selecting the correct hostname:

Consider Uniqueness and Simplicity

Choosing a unique and straightforward hostname will make it easier to remember and more accessible. Avoid using random combinations of numbers or letters as hostnames, as this can make it challenging to use.

Use a Clear Domain Name

Make sure that the domain name used in the hostname is clear and matches the domain name of your personal DNS server. This will help make it easier for the DNS system to recognize it.

Avoid Using Special Characters

Avoid using special characters such as punctuation marks or other symbols in the hostname selection. This may cause errors when connecting to the private DNS server.

Use Standardized Formats 

The recommended format for hostnames is a combination of letters and numbers with a maximum length of 63 characters. Avoid using spaces or other characters not recognized by the DNS system.

Use a Memorable Name

Choose a name that is easy to remember and familiar to you. This will make accessing your private DNS server easier through your Android device.

Avoid Using Common Names

Avoid using names such as “server” or “host” as hostnames, which may cause conflicts with other names within the internet network.

Create Hostname Backup

If you have more than one Android device connected to a private DNS server, creating a backup of the hostname in case of problems with one of the devices is advisable.

By paying attention to the tips above, you can choose the correct hostname for private DNS usage on your Android device. In addition to improving DNS performance, selecting the proper hostname can also help strengthen your security and privacy when using the internet network.

Private DNS is Save
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