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  • 6 July 2022
  • Last Update 2 July 2022 06:30

New Features In Whatsapp Web Custom Sticker How to Use It?

whatsapp web costum stickers new feature to be released

Whatsapp Web Custom Sticker. After launching the update can be opened on several devices at the same time without an internet connection.  WhatsApp has relaunched a new update with the use of custom stickers on its website. You can create stickers or costumes still WhatsApp stickers on the web by using any image that comes from the computer.

It’s been 3 years since WhatsApp added support for sticker packs to the platform. And finally, Whatsapp will also add it to the WhatsApp version of the website. WhatsApp’s new feature that can custom stickers will be launched in an update next week. WhatsApp’s custom sticker feature lets you create custom stickers without the help of third-party apps.

How to create Custom Whatsapp Web stickers

How to use custom stickers or make custom stickers on the WhatsApp web is very easy. You can click the attachment icon and then select the sticker or image uploaded from your computer. Once the image uploading process is complete you can edit it and turn it into a special sticker. Custom stickers are also capable of removing backgrounds from images by drawing lines around the subject.

To make the appearance of your custom WhatsApp web sticker more attractive, add text or other stickers from the sticker panel on WhatsApp or you can also add emojis to it. Once your web WhatsApp sticker creation is complete you can send it on the send button. WhatsApp’s new feature web custom stickers you can create for individual chats or chats in Groups.

In addition to Custom Sticker Update, Whatsapp also updates Privacy

Until now the use of WhatsApp stickers from either iPhone or Android must use a third-party application if you want to use special stickers. There has been no further noticing from WhatsApp when the custom sticker creation feature can launch on Android and iOS

The new Custom WhatsApp sticker feature will come approximately 2 weeks after the META messaging app also introduced a new privacy option from the beta update. From this update, users can hide their profile photo and last seen status, and other information from certain contacts. If previously this feature will hide to the entire list of existing contacts. So we can’t choose contacts who will not be able to read or see our privacy or presence. This one option can be expected to go into a stable version of WhatsApp in the near future.

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