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  • 4 June 2023
  • Last Update 22 May 2023 06:50

Google Photo Locked Folder Coming Soon for Android Users

Google photo Folder Locked new feature
New Google photo Folder Locked Feature

Google Photo Folder Locked itself serves to "hide" certain photos or videos that can be locked. This feature has been there specifically for smartphones made by Google Pixel.

Quoted from Tek.id Locked folder or Locked Folder will soon be presented by Google to non-Google Pixel users.
This feature was introduced by Google on its line of "production" smartphones in May 2021. This particular feature is present for the first time on Pixel 3 smartphones. On a special blog from Google stated that soon it will update this feature on other non Pixel smartphones or tablets.

Locked Folders will be locked with fingerprint (finger Print) or with a password. Folders that have been locked will not come out in the gallery or search on the Smartphone. The update will be done on smartphones that already have the latest OS system from Android.

Not only photos, videos can also be hidden in the Locked Folder of Google Photos, Most likely files in non-photo and video format can also be hidden by android users. This is very useful for users who may have their smartphones often "borrowed". This feature can be used to keep away from nosy hands.

This feature you can use when you have made the latest update on Google Photos. You can open Google Photos on your phone or tablet. Then go to the Library menu, then you select to Utilites and select Locked Folder.

Here you android users can create Locked Folder or Locked Folder. After creating a locked folder you can select a photo or video that will be hidden from the ignorant hand and move it into the locked folder. Don't forget to remember your password or you can use biometric key options such as Finger Print Lock.

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