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  • 4 June 2023
  • Last Update 22 May 2023 06:50

APK Format Will Be replaced by AAB On Play Store

Apk replaced by AAB

APK replaced by AAB starting this month of August has long been android application developers using APK

Upload or upload his work on google play store using APK extension (Appication Package File)

which will immediately change by default to AAB

APK itself is a file format that can be distributed and installed on a smartphone phone or whatever it is based on android OS.

Apk format itself has been introduced by Google through android in the first year it appears and

then in 2018 AAB (Android Application Bundle)

introduced through the Android Studio IDE which at that time was only an option for developers when going to upload hasli to the Android Play Store

Difference between APK and AAB

"Apk format will be confused and replaced by AAB starting in August 2021"

With the AAB Format the application to be installed on Android is much smaller about 15% of the APK format.

The Play Store server will automatically select the language, image resolution, and additional resources that can be optimized on your smartphone,

Whereas if the APK must work on various devices,

include the actual resources (resources) that are not needed will be embedded in the device.

One interesting feature that can be activated through the bundle is that the application can be broken with various parts,

Like when you play a game.

and when the initial level you can't finish,

users do not need to brew the entire application for all levels,

with Play Asset Delivery,

The next level can be downloaded when you need it.

and the play store automatically knows which assets it needs.

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