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  • 5 June 2023
  • Last Update 22 May 2023 06:50

Garena and Tencent release Undawn game

Tencent's Undawn Garena will soon be available for download on across iOS and Android PC platforms.

Garena was joined by Tencent for the release of the latest game Undawn with Open World Survival Shooter mode,

In this game, the player will be invited to battle against zombies intensely.

Officially released at Garena World 2021, the largest gaming and espots event in Southeast Asia,

This Undawn game is released cross-platform, iOS Android and PC for gamers in southeast Asia.

This game made by Tencent and Garena with a survival model is not a game with original new ideas,

Players will collect materials and crafting, transact with other players and can also build a building.

"With Undawn, we hope to create a new type of action game, combining open-World freedom with RPG elements that can redefine the genre across platforms," said Rick Li, Executive Producer of Lightspeed&Quantum.

Undawn Garena

Last year, Tencent actually announced a mobile game about zombies titled Dawn Awakening, a characteristic in the game very similar to Undwan, it turns out that both are the same,

But in Dawn Awakening only done on mobile platforms instead of crossplatform like this Undawn.


Activities such as resting or sleeping can be done on game characters,

Players can interact with non-player characters (NPCs) in the game, there will be several tasks if the player talks to npCs

Using Unreal Engine 4 makes the graphics display of this Undwan game very good,

a vast open world map with multi player play games, player vs player (PvP) or player vs Environment (PvE).

Fully developed by Tencent's lightspeed&Quantum

and for its publication is done by Garena which covers the area of countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and other Southeast Asian regions.

You can follow Undwan's official page on Facebook to get the latest news and updates from Tencent's games.

Or you can see footage from this Undawn play game on the Official Youtube Account Garena

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