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  • 7 July 2022
  • Last Update 2 July 2022 06:30

Google Chrome beta update with advanced search changes

google chrome

Google Chrome has launched a new version of its Chrome beta browser on September 1, 2021. In this Beta update Google introduces the Tab page that is updated. The tab page that will now include a card (Google Chrome Card) that is useful for redirecting you back to previous search activity.

Back to Previous Search features

The purpose of this design change is to quickly return you to web activities you previously did without having to search or dive into your browsing history to find which sites you searched for before. It's also useful to quickly return to your latest document list when you're in Google Drive.

Google Chrome Card

Google chrome card

On the page that will be updated Google will display the so-called card on the front page. It's not just links or shortcut links. On this Google card you can save the web pages you previously visited. And you do the edit or if like on the online shopping website you leave a basket filled with items that you want to buy for you to transaction at a later date. Or it can be a number of ideas such as recipes and the like that you visit can be stored on Google card. This latest feature of Google Chrome has to do with Google's greater investment in online shopping. Google has partnered with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Competition with Amazon

Google is really worried about Amazon's hugely soaring advertising business. Amazon has 87% growth in its retail year-over-year generating of $7.9 billion. For that, the addition of this feature is to make it easier for users of Google Chrome to do online shopping activities.And hope the app encourages users to complete their shopping transactions on the Google Chrome platform.

Make It Easier for Google Chrome Team to Do Research

Other changes also aim to make it easier to conduct web research. Google says that it's often users who search for something on its platform. It will also navigate to multiple web pages to find search answers. The new version of Chrome is also experimenting in different ways. To connect users to search results they add a line below when the website address is in Chrome for Android. That will display the rest of your search results so you can navigate to other website pages without the need to press the back button.

Google Chrome Quote Card

google note card

The quotes card experiment will also appear in Google's beta version of Chrome on Android. Users will be able to create stylish images to share to social media. Taking a screenshot of a text on a website is something that Google Chrome users often do. Especially for people who want to share something. Important things or media articles they read on platforms like Facebook Twitter or Instagram. To use this new feature you can press the text name to download it. then tap share and select a template by tapping the open card option from the menu.

Features Still Not Necessarily In Wide Release

All of those features are in the Google Chrome beta browser. To enable experiments on the Google beta browser and try its latest features. You can mengetikchrome://flags to the browser's address bar or click the Experiment glass icon, and then activate the flag. The associated marks for this experiment are #ntp-modules (new Tab Pages) #continuous-search (changes in search results) and #webnotes-stylize (citation cards).

Experiments won't always be a major feature that will be widely rolled out. Instead Google offers a way to capture large-scale user feedback about its new design ideas. So that the features can be changed and adjusted before being released publicly.

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