Government prohibits Selling Active Sim Cards

Sim Card

The Department of Communications and Information Technology bans illegal prepaid SIM cards

Those sold in conditions have been active because they are often used for crime and fraud.

For the Director General of Postal And Informatics Implementation of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Ahmad Meter. Ramli about that is the provision must be sourced in the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information No. 5 of 2021 on the Implementation of Telecommunications.

“There are no more stories of selling SIM cards in an active condition,” he said through a formal explanation on Thursday.

“(Because) often intertwined also used for fraud, crime and others. Therefore, this is where the essence of pre-paid registration is unchanged. For what reason? It is useful for health, digital economy, banking and others,” he explained.

SIM card Registration Rules

In the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information No. 5 of 2021 Article 153 paragraph(5) mentioned

Telecommunication service providers must distribute the Prime Card in a state of inactivity for all Telecommunication Services services.

Next in paragraph (6) circulation in an inactive state must also be carried out by everyone who sells the prime card, namely distributors, agents, outlets, actors, and / or individuals.

In the same regulation, there is a principle of understanding Customer(Know Your Customer/ KYC)

Applied recognize the customer's self-evidence is true and used by the right person.

However, the Ministry of Communication and Information has not responded when confirming what sanctions to be given to violators of this provision.

5G Operator Services In Indonesia Increases, Indosat follows Telkomsel

In the provisions of PM Kominfo 5/ 2021 article 175 only mentioned Telecommunication Service Providers must be

socializing the rules and sanctions that can be imposed on the seller

who uses evidence of others without rights or against the law for registration purposes.

This obligation is applied to all SIM card sellers starting from

distributors, agents, outlets, actors, and/or individuals.


Number of Active Cards

for Ramli active SIM card users in Indonesia currently reached 345.3 million.

“(Sim Card users) this exceeds the number of residents because we know that one can have more than one number,” he explained.

Furthermore, the director general of population and civil registry of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Zudan Arif Fakrulloh

pleading for the public to reject illegal SIM cards or cards that have been connected to individual information

people, but deliberately traded.

“Let's get together to stimulate the sale of prepaid cards that are really zero, there is no information yet. So

To the one who buys it with his own name.”

He said.

lapran Director General of Dukcapil

The use of a formal SIM Card sourced in individual information can help the Government to build a Single Identity Number.

For him in the time of social media it becomes a form of citizen position to facilitate information more responsibly.

“For the integrity of the nation, the safety of the country, and of course for our ease in social speaking, talking in economic transactions,

Moreover, something later it could be in us carrying out political transactions can be through electronic voting based on prepaid cards or with mobile numbers or with any media,” he explained.

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