Tips guide to choose and buy quality Android phone

Tips on Buying new and used Android phones (second) with good quality, we must be confused with the choice of various types, brands, specifications, and types of advanced phones ranging from cheap prices to expensive prices.

However, the language “There Is Money There Is Quality” here definitely applies.

Buying a Quality Android Smartphone

If we buy a high-priced phone like a flagship , maybe we will get our own satisfaction because the sophistication of the features and quality offered is definitely the best.

However, there are times when buying a quality Android phone not all expensive smartphones are good and suitable for buyers and users. As good as the sophistication of the smartphone will be excessive and useless if it does not fit the needs. And you need tips on buying a new phone.

For example, when you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note Series, if you're an entrepreneur or office worker who needs features.

NOTE, this is very useful and supports the work, but if you're just a regular user who just needs this social media app handy? Of course it's unused, isn't it?

Many Android phones or phones have the best and cheap quality specifications such as smartphones with the brand name Xiaomi, Lenovo, ASUS, Evercross, Smartfren Andromax, Advan, Acer, Oppo, Axioo, Vivo, Huawei, OnePlus, Nokia, Nokia, Nokia, Himax, and various other brands. Then it is not strange if there are many people who are confused in choosing to buy a quality Android phone.

1. Processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit)


Tips on buying a new phone by choosing a CPU

The most important and most important thing to note in Buy a Quality Android phone is the processor used. SoC (System on Chip) is the core brain of an Android smartphone system. If the CPU specifications are low then do not be surprised if the Android smartphone feels sluggish and often lags even though it is still new and does not install many applications.

Here are tips on choosing the best processor for an best quality Android phone:

Choose a processor with brands known as Qualcomm Snapdragon, Exynos, Nvidia Tegra if you are on a large budget. If, on the other hand, you can choose a processor with the MediaTek (MTK) or Intel brand if the funds are mediocre


Choose the highest set of chip assemblies you choose, for example,

If Qualcomm Snapdragon for low-class devices usually uses the 200 and 400 series,

For the middle (medium) class, it usually uses the 600 series and for ship badges or the highest class usually uses the 800 series.

As of this written article, the highest Qualcomm Snapdragon is Snapdragon 821 and the latest rumors will come from Snapdragon 835 series.

Choose a chipset with a minimum high speed of 1 GHz, better.

Choose the most modern and new architectures today, such as ARMV8, Cortex A53, Cortex A57 and others.

Choose a smaller and more sophisticated manufacturer. For example, such as 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 40nm and 28nm, 14nm, 10nm.

Choose a processor with a large and fast cache.

And most importantly, choose a processor with a central core that is at least 2 cores (dual-core). Better as 4 cores (quadcore), 6 cores (hexacore), 8 cores (octacores), 10 cores (decacore).

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2. RAM (Random Access Memory)

If the processor or chipset serves as the brain, then RAM is memory. RAM is useful when you run multiple applications at the same time. The more applications you run, the greater the memory you need.

With capable RAM, you can roll or choose between apps smoothly. However, if it is wrong in the selection of RAM, HP Android Quality will feel slow and the applications we run will often hang and force the close therefore we have to be careful in buying.

Here are tips for choosing a good and correct Android RAM:

  • Choose a minimum RAM capacity of 2 GB, bigger is certainly better.
  • Choose the latest types of RAM such as LPDDR2, LPDDR3, LPDDR4 (higher series faster).
  • And choose RAM with high frequency (see MHz).


3. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Good GPU guality for android phone


As the name implies, a GPU is a graphics processor. By choosing a good GPU then 2D and Android 3D performance will be very fast and smooth. For example, when we watch videos and games, there will be no lag and annoying terms if the GPU qualifies. In addition to being smooth, using a qualified GPU can also spoil your eyes because the graphics display is amazing, detailed and clear.


Here are tips for choosing a high-performance Android GPU:

Just like the selection of processors, choose a GPU with a type that qualifies according to budget such as Adreno (Snapdragon), Mali (Exynos, MTK), NVIDIA Tegra, VideoCore, and others. Choose the highest series of the above types, for example Adreno 540, Mali-T720 MP4, Tegra K1, PowerVR G6430 and if the budget is high, choose the latest and fastest.

Choose a GPU with a clockspeed of at least 500 MHz. Also choose a GPU with a number of cores as well as a processor. If in Mali, the core can be interpreted by the last letter after its type, for example MP4 means the core numbers 4.

4. Display or Display

best quality Android phone display

The screen is an important component that must be considered. Why is that?

A screen is a tool that displays the main image that serves to show information that has been processed by the previous three components. Whatever the specifications, if the screen is bad then it is useless because you will not enjoy the beauty produced by graphics capabilities, such as viewing photos, videos, 3D games, etc.


Here are tips for buying and choosing a screen on the best and new Android smartphones:

Choose the best quality HP android screen technology as super AMOLED, IPS, or TFT as a reference you can see the full spec in the GSM arena for the best smartphone screen, and can be a consideration to buy.

Look for screens with high pixel densities, usually in PPI units (pixels per inch). Admin recommends choosing a screen with a PPI above 300 so that the pixel density is soft and comfortable in vision. And most importantly different from screen technology, screen resolution. Choose a high resolution.

Admin recommends choosing a screen with a resolution of 1280 × 720 HD and superior. Also the screen update rate has now been developed quickly if you choose 2K or 4K resolution, of course, the high update rate is tailored to budget and needs.

And it's no less important scratch-resistant tips,

do not forget to choose the best Android smartphone with a screen equipped with scratch-resistant protection, such as Gorilla Glass, Dragontail, etc., So the screen is safe from unwanted scratches.

5. Internal ROM Storage

To meet multimedia needs, this is very functionally important

because, with extensive internal storage, we can freely store various files such as videos, music, archives, documents, etc. In addition, if your internal HP is large, we can freely install many large applications and games.

Tips for Choosing and Buying a New Android Smartphone Storage:

Choose Android with a minimum of 32GB internally, the author recommends 128 GB or more and now Android requires a lot of free space to store various files and games as well as apps.

Don't forget to check the availability of microSD slots. With an external SD card, we do not need to worry about storage problems if the storage is full we can use external storage.

6. Operating System Support

quality Android OS phone

Another factor that is no less important is the selection of an operating system (Operating System).

Without the OS, smartphones wouldn't be able to run and function. For info, Android is the most widely used OS today. So it's no wonder that Android has many versions and variants.

The Android version is taken from versions 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and so on. The higher the version, the newer and richer the features. As for its own name, Android is taken from the name of the dessert whose initial letters are sequential,

Examples include Alpha, Beta, 1.5 Cupcake, version 1.6 Donut, 2.x Eclair, 2.2 Froyo, 2.3 Gingerbread, 3.x Honeycomb, 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.2 Jellybean, 4.4 KitKat, 5.0 Lollipop, 6.0 Marshmallow and most recently 7.0 Nougat. And rumors are android O will be named Oreo.

The rapid development of Android also affected newer features and good improvements. Therefore, here we summarize tips on buying a new phone,

Tips on How to choose and tips on buying a new phone with a good android smartphone operating system:

Choose Android with the latest version of the OS so that application support is wider and more widespread. Admin recommends Android M 6.0 And above.

Choose a Vendor or Smartphone Brand that is clear in providing operating system updates. Sometimes vendors are reluctant to provide updates that certainly harm their consumers.

Also choose smartphones with stable Android systems, for example, Android Customization by vendors such as Touchwiz (Samsung), MIUI (Xiaomi), ColorOS (Oppo), and many more.

Each vendor's Android differ in appearance and features, but the system remains the same.

Do not choose a smartphone with high specifications but the maximization of the OS is bad. It can affect the user experience and poor performance.

Choose Android that is equipped with features that support your needs such as Double tap to wake, Always on display, Bluelight filter, and so on.

7. Camera and Resolution

Well, this feature is one of the most mandatory. With the camera, we can capture the moment at any time through photos and videos. In terms of camera selection, of course, there are tips and guidelines so that later the results of the shots obtained are good and maximal according to our expectations.

But of course, we must know first our needs, do we want a camera phone for landscape photos, selfies, photography or suitable at night? After knowing your needs and then tips on buying a new phone you can choose the appropriate specifications.

Here are tips for choosing and tips on buying a new phone for Android photography smartphone camera as needed:

Choose a Smartphone with a capable Camera Sensor. This is the most important new HP buying tip because the sensor is a vital part of taking pictures.

Of course, we know the greatness of Apple's Isight camera which although megapixels are small quality is wah.

For high-end-class best quality Android phone usually use Sony sensors that are stunning in shooting, so buying a smartphone with good photo results will certainly be satisfactory.

See the lens specifications, for example, 1/2.5″ sensor size, 1.4…μm pixel size, and Example camera sensors such as Sony IMX 2XX, 3XX, and so on.

Next is the Aperature which is a lens opening. The wider the aperture of the lens, the photo results when less light will be brighter and better.

For example, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 which is one of the best Android quality smartphones with the best camera chooses the aperture/aperture of the f / 1.7 lens. The smaller the wider, the f/1.7 is certainly better than the Galaxy J5's f/1.9.

Stabilization is another important thing, with stabilization we can take pictures with minimal blur even with shaken hands. So this is very important so that the image looks sharp and smooth. Choose a camera that has OIS or EIS features.

Megapixels, of course, are no strangers to our ears, right?

With a large megapixel, we can print a great photo as well.

In addition, with large megapixels, we can produce sharp images and not blur when zoomed.

But don't stick to a large megapixel size. For example, why is the 12 MP S7 better than the 16 MP S6? Of course, that's because the S7 is equipped with dual-pixel technology and better sensors.

And the last is to choose a camera with features as needed, for example, if you women like selfies choose a smartphone with a good front camera equipped with beauty mode and flash.

And if you are a Pro, choose a smartphone with settings such as DSLR, for example, such as ISO settings, Shutter Speed, Lens Aperture, WB, Exposure, Metering, Focus Manual, and even RAW support.

And lastly, pay attention to video recording support as well,

We recommend choosing a smartphone with video record support of at least 1080p or Full HD.

It is better if it supports higher resolutions such as 4K with a high framerate such as 60 fps. Also pay attention to the video feature, of course, the plus if it has slow motion, time-lapse and so on.

8. Battery Life

Batteries are the next most important piece of hardware.

The selection of batteries certainly affects the size of the smartphone.

Usually if Android has a large battery then the physical size is large.

But it is not always the benchmark anyway many Android also have a large battery but the design remains slim and slim. Of course, the selection of batteries must also be as needed.


Here are tips for choosing an Android smartphone battery:

Choose a large capacity battery, at least 3000 mAh.

If you are a gamer or a heavy socialite of course it will not be enough to support activities all day.

Even better if you choose a battery with a capacity above 3000 mAh even better if it is above 4000 mAh.

Choose a battery with Lipo technology because it is more durable in terms of strength because it is more bloated and drop-resistant.

Choose the type of battery as needed, whether you prefer a removable battery (removable) or non-removable (planting battery).

Of course, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If removable is easy to replace and if non-removeable is certainly better from the design side it can even be waterproof if it has a minimum certification of IP78.

And most importantly, choose Android with a fast charging feature so that the battery charge is fast and does not waste much time. Examples of fast charging features such as Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0.

And in addition, choose Android with cool features such as wireless charging.

Of course cool and useful not if we can charge the battery without wires, just put it on a special pad like most premium class Smartphones now.

9. Network Technology

Network technology is certainly different in each country, well that's why overseas smartphones usually can not capture signals in our country Indonesia.

It can be caused by differences in technology, frequency or his mobile phone is locked by the operator in his home country. So in the selection of smartphone network technology must also be careful.

Here are tips on choosing an Android Smartphone Network:

Choose Android that supports LTE or 4G because it is currently an obligation so that the internet connection is not slow. Even better if voLTE support is able to make calls via LTE.

Be careful also in the selection of 4G phones because 4G is so many types, there are TDD, FDD, 4G+ and so on.

Well this is where you have to be careful, many cases of 4g phones and cards are also 4G but can not capture 4G signals. the cause is none other than the signal in 4G where you do not exist or exist but the frequency can not be captured by the smartphone you use.

Then choose the fastest 4G because LTE is in many categories as well, for example, Cat 4 which can penetrate 150 Mbps, and Paint 6 which can penetrate 300 Mbps. The higher and new the technology, the faster.

Do not be fooled by cheap outdoor phones because it is usually not maximal if used in Indonesia. Unless you understand the frequency it uses so that it can be maximal and not roaming when used where you live.

10. Sensors and Design

And the last one is in terms of design and sensors.

Design is the identity of a good quality Android phone.

When you see a smartphone, the first thing you look at is design, right?

Design can increase the confidence of its users. For example, the design of the Samsung S7 Edge is elegant and premium, of course, this can make anyone who sees it want to have it.

Well so the design also needs and deserves to be considered.

Usually the design of soccer with sensors, for example, heart rate sensors and fingerprints. But there are also sensors that do not look like gyroscopes, magnetic, compasses, and so on.

Here are tips on choosing an Android smartphone in terms of design and sensors:

Choose an Android with a design that you think is good, cool, and elegant.

The author recommends choosing Android good quality phone with a body made of metal, aluminum, or other metals to impress premium and elegance.

Even better if equipped with a glass wrap that is equipped with scratch-resistant protection such as Gorilla Glass so that the smartphone body is resistant to berets caused by accidental scratches.

Even better if you choose a smartphone with IP78 certification to be waterproof and dust resistant in a certain size. This is very useful for those of you who like to do activities outside such as swimming, climbing mountains or so on.

Do not choose an Android quality phone with material that is easily scratched, especially in the bezel. Scratchable bazels are usually made of plastic.

Choose Android With Complete Sensors such as fingerprint sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity, Gyroscope, Compass, Magnetic field (Magnetometer), Barometer, Ambient Light, Heart Rate, and Other Additional Sensors.

Distinguish several smartphone designs first with the same type.

If you can, you can borrow to others so as not to be fooled when buying because now many fake replica Android smartphones are similar to the original.

So Many Articles on Smart Tips Guide to Choosing and Buying a Quality Android Phone .

Hopefully the important points above can provide information before you buy the smartphone you want and crave.


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