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  • 7 July 2022
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Want to download Instagram Stories videos? Here's How

how to download instagram Stories Reels or Videos without Apps

Download Instagram Story / Reels Video. Video Stories in Indonesian mean Storytelling Videos. Whether it’s a funny-sad story or a lot of memories. Instagram captures that by providing Insta Stories or Instagram Reels feature.

Instagram is one of the most widely used visual media apps. Many celebrities or sportsmen and even world figures use Instagram media. On Instagram, there are also creators (content creators) and even sellers of products using this social media.

Instagram Stories is one of the short video features that allows users to capture certain moments briefly. What makes it interesting from Instagram Stories is that the average celebrity or leading sportsman shares his daily moments on Instagram Video Stories or Instagram Reels.

Sometimes we will also find funny or interesting moments on Instagram that we want to save or share again on other social media. But we are confused about how to download Instagram Stories Videos that we can save. Don’t worry here we will provide an easy way to download Instagram Video Stories and reels directly to your smartphone or computer with ig story downloader.

How to Download Instagram Story

Download Instagram Stories Video Via Web snapinsta.app

The first website to download Instagram stories through the link we download Instagram Stories and Reels is snapinsta.app. In addition to the website snapinsta.app also has a downloader on the Play Store app store. Here’s how to download Stories from Instagram/ download insta story IG.

  • Copy the link in advance from Instagram Stories / download instagram story via link
  • Go to the website on https://snapinsta.app/ then paste the link
  • Wait for the loading process to complete
  • Finished you will get a box containing videos that you can download in mp4 form


In snapinsta.app you can download Video stories or download Instagram story photos Insta Reels Only using the username of Instagram users. The short video downloaded later is a story video that was last uploaded by the user. In addition to using a username, you can use the URL of Ig Stories to download it. The ways are exactly the same as snapinsta.app. The advantages of this website are you will be shown also How long stories appear and the duration of time of Instagram video stories that you will download

  • First specify the Instagram video Stories you want to download
  • Visit the https://www.storysaver.net/ website and paste the url
  • After that you will be asked to checkbox on antispam.
  • After you press the download button , you will exit the preview box of the Instagram Stories you want to download.
  • Later you will be opened on a new tab that plays your Stories video just click Right Click to save video 


On this SaveFrom.net website in addition to Video Reels or Stories from Instagram that you can download. You can also download videos on Facebook, YouTube, Download Tik Tok without watermarks even on SoundCloud.

This is one of the websites that we recommend to download short reels videos from Instagram. On this website how to download Instagram Story is somewhat different because it has to use the @ + Username Instagram symbol. Here’s an easy way to download Instagram Stories from Savefrom.net

  • Go to the SaveFrom.net address or click the Instagram Stories Download link
  • Look for a short video username from your Instagram Story account
  • Don’t forget to add the @ symbol in front of the account name
  • If the account is not a private account you can download it.

On this website, the way to download is somewhat different and some private accounts will not be able to download Instagram Stories.

Those were some websites that we can use to download Instagram Video Stories, Instagram Reels, or Instagram downloader for igtv photo videos & reels without using the application. This method you can use on your smartphone or mobile phone by using the existing browser. Using a process browser will be a little faster than using a dedicated app to download Instagram videos. The download speed also depends on the internet you use.

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