How to Block Ads in Chrome Browser

By abdul azis hartadi

How to block annoying ads in the browser you can apply to your computer or smartphone device. A lot of websites sometimes put too many portions of advertising. So that, when we will get any information on the web, block the ads they display. And this is actually a very annoying thing for web visitors.

Chrome app

how to block ads in chrome
how to block ads in Chrome

Chrome itself is a web browser application for us to browse on the internet. With this Chrome application, we can explore easily because, in this web browser, there are many menus that help. If you do not have an application from Google this can be found on the Play Store or the official web directly from Google Chrome for smartphone or desktop computers.

In this Google Chrome browser, we can actually use the feature to be able to avoid advertising ads that make us disturbed. With Incognito mode we can browse the web without having to see ads. However, not all websites can be blocked because of the ability of the ad system that is able to penetrate the incognito block of the Chrome application.

How to get rid of ads in Chrome

There are several ways that we can use to block and eliminate annoying ads during our browsing on the internet. Some of these ways we can use to eliminate ads on Facebook or YouTube applications but not too perfect to block them. When tried on the YouTube application, ads are blocked only ads in the form of banners on the screen if ads that appear when pausing from the video cannot be blocked.

Download Adblock

download adblock in chrome web store
download Adblock on Chrome web store

You can use the help of Adblock Plus for Chrome to block ads. On Adblock Plus we can block ads all the way to their roots. With this extension, the ad will never appear again if we enable this extension from Google Chrome. The ability of this Google Chrome extension can not be doubted because there are already many users to avoid annoying ads.

You can download AdBlock on the Google Chrome Web Store extension that you can find in the menu in the browser. If the web display is not good or becomes strange you can disable this Extension Adblock Plus.

Change Chrome to Incognito Mode to Block Ads

Incognito mode to block ads in chrome
Incognito mode to block ads in Chrome

This is a basic feature of Google Chrome Mode Incognito. With this model, you can see content or articles without being disturbed by ads milling around on your laptop or mobile phone screen. In this mode, you also block tracking that is commonly done by certain websites.

Using to Block Ads

Use DNS to eliminate ads
Use DNS to eliminate ads

By replacing DNS we can also eliminate annoying ads on Google Chrome. How to replace this is also not too difficult and anyone can replace it. You can follow ways to replace the DNS Browser or the device you are using.

You can use how to replace DNS in the article AdGuard DNS How to Install On Android IOS And Windows. In addition to Adguard, you can use other DNS that have the ability to block ads on Android or computer devices.

Using a VPN

Winscribe VPN one of the best to eliminate ads even in the free feature
Winscribe VPN is one of the best to eliminate ads even with the free feature

By using a VPN we can also eliminate ads in Google Chrome. The ability of VPNs to block ads is actually a mandatory menu on every VPN on the market. Some VPNs provide a free trial which of course if you want to use its features further you have to buy it.

But if you just want to use it to block ads you don't have to buy the full version. Because in some VPNs the free version is already given the ability to block ads.  

One VPN that provides a free feature to block the ads I recommend is Windscribe. In Windscribe you can block ads by opening the settings menu in the application. The advantage of using this free version of Windscribe is that you have unlimited speed. Because if in other VPN applications, the free or trial version will be limited to a certain speed.

Those are some easy ways to block ads in Chrome that we sometimes get very distracted by because we can't get the content we're looking for. If you use some other source to block ads you should first look at the application so that your personal data also remains safe. Some applications exist that are not good applications that are able to steal personal data by masquerading as an application that is able to block ads.

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