How to Create a Blue Check Twitter Account 2021

By abdul azis hartadi

Twitter blue check is usually owned by an account that has been officially verified by twitter how to make this very easy.

Twitter Account Blue Check

Twitter's verification process, usually seen as a behind the name, may soon change. The social media company announced plans to update its verification process last year.

And the latest evidence suggests that the new process could take effect next week.

Tech blogger Jane Manchun divulged how to make it through her tweet,

It also includes screenshots of evidence of new ways of verifying accounts on Twitter.

Jane Manchun Wong is not an employee of Twitter.

If the leak of how to create a blue check Twitter account from Wong is correct then according to the tweets made by Wong, the latest verification process allows users to choose the type of account to be verified.

These types of accounts include, such as activists, companies, creators, artists, state officials, journalists, social media influencers, professional athletes, or E-Sport,

This will be labeled specifically by Twitter, as is the case for media accounts that are affiliated with the government or state.

Tools or request terms for new verification may be made easier in terms of the process,

But make the guidelines or terms of service remain the same as before.

how to create a verified twitter account

How to Apply for Verification

Before the blue check request of verification, the account must be public,

With the name listed on the account is the real name, and also accurate information in the bio, there must be a real photo, phone number, valid email address with some minimum conditions revealed by wong.

From there you can open the settings (after the minimum conditions are met) and request verification. Seen from a screenshot of Wong the new registration form starts with the type of account you will verify.

Then you choose the qualification method, the options include google trends articles,

Wikipedia pages, news coverage or organizational or government websites if you apply for a company choice.

You are required to send a valid link or link that matches the qualification method selected.

After that upload your identity as appropriate issued by the government,

Valid email address, it can also be with the official web associated with the qualification method.

Twitter immediately the application or form you submit and immediately notifies you if the request has been received.

This takes about 30 days, and if in 30 days you have not gotten a blue tick, then you should fix what data needs to be sent to Twitter.

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