How to Change Whatsapp Themes Without Apps Easily

Whatsapp dark mode changes WA adnroid theme without App

How to change the theme of WhatsApp without an . Whatsapp is one of the most widely used apps. Whatsapp application users are estimated to reach almost 2 billion. The number of users is also because WhatsApp provides several advantages over similar applications. One of them is the enkrepsi that becomes the flagship.

Unfortunately WhatsApp a little can be for the costume of the display. But that's not a problem. Because we can still change the appearance of the WhatsApp theme even without other applications. Various ways can be used to change the theme of WhatsApp display without using additional programs or applications.

Here are some ways to change the theme of Whatsapp

how to change whatsapp theme background without application
how to change WhatsApp theme background without application

By changing the WhatsApp theme we will be at home for a long time to chat on WhatsApp. Some tricks on how to change the theme of WhatsApp you can do it yourself without the help of the application again. But if you use the WA Mod Application usually in Apk there is already a menu to be able to change the display theme of Whatsapp. This menu is not on the official WA app on the PlayStore. But keep in mind if we use a non-official application the account can be suspended or blocked.

Replacing Background Chat With Attractive Wallpaper

This method is very easy because there is a special settings menu to be able to change the appearance of the theme on the chat application on WhatsApp. If replacing the background with wallpaper that we have or can be with an interesting photo or image.

First you open WhatsApp then open the settings menu at the top 3 corners. then the settings menu will appear and select the bottom of the other menu. After that, you select the chat option and click the wallpaper and you can choose the image, photo, or wallpaper that you want to use as a background on the chat application on WhatsApp

Replacing Appless Display Themes With Dark Mode

how to change to a dark or dark WA theme
how to change to a dark or dark WA theme

In addition to changing the WhatsApp theme from the wallpaper or background, we can change the color mode of the entire application or apps to dark or dark mode. The feature of the dark mode is already in the settings menu inside so you just change it easily.

With the dark color feature, you can make the theme of the WhatsApp Application is not too sharp so it is more comfortable when we use it for a long time. In addition, this feature of WhatsApp can save battery because the colors presented are only dark-colored themes. How to change the theme of dark mode or Dark Mode WA can be done without the following application:

  1. Open your Whatsapp app
  2. Go to the settings menu by pressing the dot 3 corner image over the top right
  3. After that go to the settings menu
  4. Select chats / Conversation menu
  5. On the team options you can replace the Default System, Light or Dark

In addition to how to change the WhatsApp theme without the above application, you can use the mod version of WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp app that has been fashioned, you can replace various themes. These themes have a variety of shapes even some can change WhatsApp fonts for a chat. With Whatsapp mod, you can use some additional features provided by developers. There are 2 WhatsApp Mod applications that are often used to change themes without other applications, namely Whatsapp GB and KM WhatsApp application.

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