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  • 7 July 2022
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How to Find a Lost Android Smartphone

how to find android lost by find my device

How to Find a Smartphone with Find My Device. At this time an Android smartphone is a friend in our spare time or work partner that we really need. Sometimes we forget to put an Android smartphone we will be confused to look for it. Find a lost phone by asking here and there even though the smartphone is left behind at the office or home. But don't worry, there are tips and tricks or how to find a lost phone. And the steps how to find a smartphone are lost if you accidentally lose your Android smartphone .

Before you do a search for your lost phone there are several conditions that must be on your phone.

  • 1.how to find a lost phone via email. Smartphones must be on and connected to the internet and there is also a Google email account that is connected.
  • 2.On your Smartphone has also activated GPS and the feature find my device or find my device.
  • There is an internet connection or data quota can also be a smartphone you can make sure to connect to wi-fi.

How to find this lost smartphone can be run,

Only if your smartphone is not lost stolen so that your smartphone is turned off manually by the thief.

Find My Device Web Page

How to find a lost phone by email

After the above conditions have been met then these tips and tricks you can run to find your smartphone that is "lost"

And you're hard-pressed to find it.

Go to the Google find my device page or you can search field with the keyword "Google find my device"
Login with email installed on your Smartphone

After the find my device page opens on the right there will be a map that shows the location of your smartphone on the
Right Left Side there is your phone type, the last time you connect with Map or last activate GPS,

There are also signal indicators and and the rest of the battery from the smartphone.

At the bottom there is also a play sound feature. It's a function to make more and more we make sounds. Also make sure you feel like you're missing out on it's not far from where you are now.

For the choice of secure device means you will lock the smartphone. It can also display messages on the lockscreen that you can write,

You can put your phone number on that message. So whoever finds it will know if the owner of this smartphone loses his smartphone.

In the last section there is a choice of erase your device. This is useful to be able to delete the contents of all devices of data that are on the smartphone. That's if you feel this smartphone is lost and you will not be able to find it. Just delete the data on HP. This way to find a lost phone however a smartphone is our privacy . Because privacy doesn't want to be known by others.

This erase my device method only deletes data that is in the internal storage not for storage as in the SD card.

Take Advantage of Security Features on Android

That's a little way to find a lost phone. Or finding a lost Android, maybe this could help a little. But if indeed your Android is lost stolen then it will be very difficult to track it. If indeed your Android smartphone is lost stolen. The only way is for us to delete our personal data on smartphones. If there is data in the SD card we can encrypt it. Now this encryption is useful for making data from our SD card unable to be opened.

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