How to See Wifi Passwords That Already Connect On Android Without Root

By abdul azis hartadi

how to see wifi passwords that have been connected on android without root
display settings open wifi password

How to see Wi-Fi passwords connected on Android without / No . Wi-Fi is one of the internet connectivity facilities over a cordless network. The internet is everywhere. We can get Wi-Fi hotspots at home, school, office, hangout, hotel, or apartment.

What Root Means on Android

To root itself is a method to open full access to the device (HP / Smartphone OS Android), but because we do not need this technique, you do not have to bother looking for a way to root Android. The Root is also commonly desired to make the Android OS on HP much smoother. It can throw away the vendor/manufacturer's built-in applications that we don't usually need.

Root can also open the password from wifi
The root can also open the password from the wifi

Usually, in cafes, hangouts or offices, private homes, and perhaps other places, Wi-Fi often uses passwords. This is to avoid the speed that decreases due to too many users, or it can also be Wi-Fi for customers only. Maybe in some places, a Wi-Fi connection is explicitly provided for users or customers who transact there, like in a café or a hotel.

With many entertainment venues or places, you can use Wi-Fi as an internet connection for free. Of course, on your smartphone or mobile phone, you store the site's password. With the number of places we visit that have Wi-Fi, we would like to see Wi-Fi passwords connected on Android without / No using Root. Taking care of itself is a way for us to know the system on Android more broadly or deeper. Of course, this requires special skills to be able to get Root.

We need to see the Wi-Fi password that has been connected on Android and without Root when we visit the place back but use another phone, or our friend does not know the password. The service provider who can provide a password is located far from where we live. Here's how to see Wi-Fi passwords that have been stored and connect on Android without us having to root.

Here’s How to See Wi-Fi Passwords Ever Connected to Android Without Root

How to view connected wifi passwords
How to view connected Wi-Fi passwords

Not all Androids can be used to see this password. Some older versions of Android need Root in order to see the saved password, but make Android with a fairly not too-long version. Some of these tricks can be used.

Open Wi-Fi Passwords From Settings No Root.

This way, make sure your Android is already using Android version 10 or Android 10. Because of this version, it is easier to find and open the settings to see Wi-Fi passwords. Every time we type in, an automatic password will be stored in memory in the system. And when we open the network again and want to see the Wi-Fi password, it turns out that the password can not be seen in the usual way.

How to view connected Wi-Fi passwords

To be able to see the version of Android you are currently using, you can go to the settings menu. Go to your settings and then search about the phone. Once you open it, you can see the Android version. Tap twice to see how faster or bigger your Android version is. After that, you can see the Wi-Fi password that has been connected on Android without using Root. To see it, you have to do it in the following ways:

  • Make sure your smartphone / HP/phone is already using Android version 10 and above.
  •  Find settings on your phone's smartphone.
  •  After finding the settings menu, select network and internet.
  •  Go to the Wi-Fi menu by long-pressing the Wi-Fi symbol on the quick settings.
  •  Then, open the Wi-Fi settings and tap the network in the connected Wi-Fi network section.
  •  If you are not connected to one of the Wi-Fi networks, Scroll down and select the saved network option (there is a direct SSID name tab to see the QR Code)
  •  In the saved network options later, you will see the SSID of each network.
  •  In the share or share section, you will be able to see the QR code, and there is a password. Later, you need to download or use the QR application or HP camera that is now able to read QR to see the password from Wi-FiHow to see Wi-Fi passwords that have been connected in Android 10 without having to use Root

Open Password With ES File Explorer app

ES view Exploler file open passwords Wi-Fi no root
  1. Download / Download the ES File Explorer app first on the Play Store.
  2.  After downloading, you can install the application and then open the application.
  3.  Then, search for Android folder files using the ES File Explorer app.
  4.  In the Android folder, you can find data folders such as config, dev, cache, and others.
  5.  Go to the data folder as follows: data – e.gc – Wi-Fi, then select the file wpa_supplicant.conf
  6.  After wpa_supplicant.conf Selected, you can continue right and open the k-file. It will contain SSID on netbooks and Wi-Fi passwords that have already connected to the Wi-Fi. 
  7.  You can record the Wi-Fi SSID and password that has been stored in the file.
  8.  This way, you can see the Wi-Fi password that has been connected to Android without Root.

The method of opening a Wi-Fi password that has been connected with the ES Explorer application can not all smartphones be used because some vendors will lock this file.

Those are two practical ways to see Wi-Fi passwords connected on Android No Root. This way is simple and easy to use. Maybe much more usable because you are already using the latest version of Android. Using a QR Code scan, you are not too dizzying to find advanced files in Explorer. The first way also does not require applications or other media to see Wi-Fi passwords that have been exposed on Android as well without the need for Root.

When you have sequenced and opened the system, it may be easier to find out the password that has been exposed on your Android because it only installs a few applications that require root access to read files from wpa_supplicant.conf. Because this is where the files or History Wi-Fi that was once connected to your Android are stored and easy to see again. But this will not be able to be done if it turns out that the Wi-Fi password you saved has changed. Of course, you have to ask again for the password that has been changed to the service provider or owner of Wi-Fi services that are free or distributed.

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