Lenovo Announces Gaming Phone Legion Pro 3

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Hello gamers Lenovo, Lenovo Legion phone gaming greet you!!

Yes, this is the latest gaming phone from Lenovo, Lenovo Legion 3 Pro which uses the latest chipset from Qualcomm. Although this is just a statement from Lenovo's general manager in China, this is encouraging news because Lenovo is likely the first to use the latest chipset from 898 (SM8450).

The chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon is predicted to bring an increase in specifications about 20% from the previous chipset Snapdragon Triple 8 aka 888. HP gaming Legion Using the latest TECHNOLOGY RAM LPDDR5X makes Lenovo Legion pro3 will be more savage.

Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone from Lenovo is expected to have a cooler with new technology that will make the smartphone's performance even better.In terms of graphics, of course, there will be significant improvements with the latest graphics chips as well.

The Lenovo Legion Pro 3 phone will likely come under Legion Duel 3 outside of China. Chen Jin, manager of Lenovo's mobile phone business in China, also said that Qualcomm's Top Processors are fully prepared.

Discussing the latest chipset from Snapdragon in Lenovo Legion 3 Pro there is a leak This chipset will use the architecture of 3 very large core clusters in the X2 cortex and the big core running Cortex A710, and Little Core will run based on Cortex A510.

Lenovo Legion Pro 3 gaming price

The Lenovo Legion gaming phone will likely appear in Q4 later this year. Legion is a trademark of Lenovo in the gaming world. Lenovo is also a well-known laptop manufacturer vendor with a gaming division in laptop devices.

Despite a crisis in the semiconductor industry that has greatly affected worldwide supply, Qualcomm, one of the world's largest chipset manufacturers, has not discouraged the desire to produce its latest chipsets.

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