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  • 30 March 2023
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Intel Gen 12 officially introduced how it performs?

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high-performance intel gen 12

Intel has announced gen 12 for its processor lineup. The 12th generation Intel Core will bring some of the latest generation with many features. Feature. This will be interesting for gamer creator or daily users.

Intel's gen 12 Core I9 12900 k is one of the advantages of their product. Intel 12th generation They are the best mainstream processors owned by Intel. In terms of performance can provide the best for all users.

Intel is already preparing about 60 processors for the 12th generation. The entire process already uses the latest Intel 7 fabrication technology. Which has tDP ranging from 9 watts to 125 watts.

What's interesting is intel's 12th generation line of processors using chiplet technology. It consists of Performance-cores (P-cores) that will handle heavy workloads and Efficient-cores (E-cores) that handle light workloads.

Intel Gen 12 Performance

"The hybrid architecture performance of Intel Core's 12th processor is a leap of architecture that can be produced. This is thanks to the close co-engineering between software and hardware. So that it produces a performance that is far superior to previous generations." Intel Executive Vice President and General Manager of Client Computing Group, Gregory Bryant.

The American company is also preparing new technology to handle their hybrid processors. They use Intel Thread Director, allowing the two latest microarchitecture cores to work seamlessly. By guiding the OS to place the right thread on the right core at the right time.

For its own specifications, the Gen 12 Intel Core i9-12900K will have a total of 16 cores and 24 threads. There will be a total of 8 P-Cores with 16 threads, and a total of 8 E-Cores with 8 threads in this one processor.

Intel users will get an increase in FPS in the genes of 12 to 25% in Troy: A Total War Saga games, an increase in FPS up to 28% more on Hitman 3 games, and an FPS increase of up to 23% in Far Cry 6 games when compared to its predecessor.

The gen 12 gaming experience has also been enhanced by Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E, resulting in a 75% reduction in latency when multitasking. So, gamers have the option to play the game wirelessly without worrying about lag.

Gen 12 Best Options for Streamers

For streamers, they will get the best performance. Because High-frequency Intel P-cores will handle the game in full while Intel E-cores are able to perform various tasks in parallel. So that users will get FPS that increases up to 84% when gaming, streaming, and recording simultaneously.

Meanwhile, with the use of DDR5 RAM, users will also get improved performance for creative applications. Users will get faster photo editing performance up to 36%. Video editing is faster up to 32%, 3D modeling is faster up to 37%, and multi-frame rendering is faster up to 100%.

Users will also get better overclock capabilities. They can use Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) 7.5 which can apply the best overclock automatically on Gen 12 and also comes with Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) 3.0.

Comes with a new chipset and socket

However, to run this processor, users cannot use the previous platform. Because, Intel prepares a 600 series chipset platform that comes with 1700 sockets, which is different from previous generation sockets.

By using the latest Intel Gen 12 chipset, users must get ddr5 RAM support that has speeds of up to 4800MT / s. The technology comes with PCIe 5.0 (up to 16 lanes) which offers up to twice the throughput of I/O on PCIe 4.0, with an additional up to four lanes thanks to PCIe 4.0 support.

For price and availability. The 12th generation Intel Core line or gen 12 will be available on November 4 in 30 countries at once. Estimated prices range from $264 to $589.

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