15 Important iPhone Settings iOS 17 Anti Battery Waste

Apple released the iOS 17 software update on September 26, 2023, along with the release of their latest iPhone 15 series devices. Of course, the iOS 17 update upgrade is accompanied by a number of minor bugs so Apple immediately released follow-up updates on iOS 17.01 iOS 17.02. And soon it will also follow the iOS 17.1 update which is still different, possibly in November 2023.

iOS 17's minor bugs include a fast-draining and hot battery. Actually, this is a classic thing for this smartphone device. But don't worry, we along with a small team have compiled a number of things we can do to solve the problem of hot and wasteful battery on iOS 17 iPhone.

To help you get the most out of your iPhone battery and ensure it lasts longer and heats up less, we've compiled a list of 15 critical settings you should consider disabling. By implementing these changes, you can significantly improve battery life.

Disable iCloud Backup Via Mobile iOS 17

For 5G-enabled devices or iPhone 12 and above models that have updated to iOS 17, go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Backup and turn off “Backup over Cellular Data.” This option consumes significant battery power when backing up data over cellular networks.

Managing iPhone App Background Refresh iOS 17

matikan aplikasi background di iphone
How to turn off background apps on iPhone

To limit unnecessary apps running in the background on iOS 17, go to iPhone Settings & General & Background App Refresh and select which apps can refresh in the background. Disabling this feature for non-essential apps will save battery life.

Minimizing iPhone Push Emails With iOS 17

Go to Settings > Mail > Account > Retrieve New Data and set it to retrieve emails manually or less frequently than a push email service. Constantly checking for new emails on iPhone devices using iOS 17 will significantly drain battery power and make the battery more wasteful.

Customizing the Notification Center

Reduce unnecessary app notifications by going to Settings > Notifications > Select each app individually > Turn off Allow Notifications if not needed.

Turn off Siri Suggestions on iPhones Using iOS 17

If you use Siri sparingly or want fewer personalized suggestions based on your usage habits, go to Settings ->Siri & Search->Learn from this App->Turn off all options.

Disabling the Screen Time Feature

Batasi Screen Time di iOS 17 untuk hemat baterai
Limit Screen Time on iOS 17 to save battery life

The Screen Time feature constantly tracks your usage, which consumes battery power on your iPhone iOS 17. To disable it, go to Settings > Screen Time > Turn off.

Turn off Communication Security Features

This feature is handy for parents who monitor their children's device activity on iOS 17 iPhones. If you don't need it, go to Settings & Screen Time & Communication Limit and turn off the option.

Disable iOS 17 Airdrop When Not in Use

Matikan fitur AirDrop untuk maksimalkan baterai iOS 17
Turn off the AirDrop feature to maximize the iOS 17 battery

For some people, AirDrop is one of the most important features in quickly sharing files on the iPhone. But will we always use this AirDrop feature? Of course not, therefore Airdrop can drain battery life while waiting for nearby devices. Go to Control Center or settings and turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when not using Airdrop frequently. For some people, AirDrop is one of the important features in various files quickly on iPhone. But will we always use this AirDrop feature? Of course not, therefore Airdrop can drain battery life while waiting for the nearest device. Go to Control Center or settings and turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when not using Airdrop frequently.

Restrict Background App Refresh

Limit app background activity by going to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh-> Disable unnecessary apps that frequently refresh in the background.

Turn off Location Services

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Select “Important Locations” (you can find it at the bottom) and set it to “Off”. This setting prevents location tracking services from running unnecessarily.

Minimizing Sensitive Content Alerts

cara mematikan setting sensitive content warning iOS 17
how to turn off sensitive content warning iOS 17 setting

Go to Settings & Screen Time & Content Restrictions & Privacy & Allowed Apps and turn off “Sensitive Content Alerts.” This will prevent your iPhone with iOS 17 from analyzing photos and videos for sensitive content, thus saving battery power.

Restrict Siri Access

cara membatasi akses Siri untuk hemat baterai iOS 17
How to restrict Siri access to save battery iOS 17

To save battery life, limit the access granted by Siri to different apps. Go through each app listed in the Siri & Search settings and customize the options according to personal preference.

Avoid Dynamic Wallpapers

Dynamic wallpapers may look impressive but consume more power than static wallpapers. Opt for a static by going to the Wallpaper settings under Display & Brightness.

Update iOS regularly

Apple releases regular updates that optimize software performance, including improvements related to battery life. Make sure your iPhone is updated with the latest available version of iOS.

By applying these 15 essential settings to your iPhone, you can significantly improve its battery life while enjoying all of its features. Keep in mind that everyone has unique app usage and notification preferences, so customize these settings to your personal needs.

Maximizing battery life is very important for using an iPhone with iOS 17 without the annoyance of hot and fast battery discharge throughout the day. By applying some of the settings above, the battery life of your iPhone will increase significantly.

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