Japan breaks world's fastest internet speed record

By abdul azis hartadi

The fastest internet in the world

The fastest Internet speed in the world is still held by the state of Monaco with (Non Wireless) internet reaching an average of 260 Mbps according to data from internet speed testing sites around the world speedtest.com.

While the highest wireless internet speed (mobile) is in the UAE with a speed of 193.51 Mbps,

for our own country is ranked 116th with a speed of 26.17 on broadband,

while on internet speed in mobile Indonesia ranked 104th in the world with an average speed of 22.4 Mbps,

To measure speed,

on this speedtest.com site is assessed from the average internet speed in a country,

Not peak speed or top speed achieved.

Fastest double

Japan is one of the countries that have the best infrastructure in the world regarding internet technology.

Several experts in Japan have managed to break the record for the highest speed of the internet network.

Engineers from the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology broke the record with a speed of 319 Tb/s.

Far exceeds the current speed of “only” 178 Tb/s quoted from Tom's Hardware.

These Japanese engineers also managed to achieve the stability of the connection speed which is 3,001Km away.

Of course, such high speeds don't come without new technology, there are some new engineering,

The cable used is a four-core fiber optic “552 PDM-16QAM,

multiplex channels of wavelength division.”

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The engineers also utilized “erbium and thulium doping fiber boosters and distributed Raman amplification.”
I don't mind admitting that it doesn't make sense to me,

but I'm just glad we continue to find ways to dramatically increase the pace to help cope with future demand. Matthew Humphries, PC Mag

This significant speed increase is because the team also used the S, C, and L Band transmissions for the first time,

Usually only C and L bands for long-distance transmissions, but this time the S band is also used.

Computer Technology – Good or Bad?

Another good news is that the four-core fiber optic works with existing equipment, which should make it easier and cheaper to use.

According to them, Tim continues to develop and believes it will be able to exceed what they achieved for now,

By continuing to develop and discover the technology to improve available transmissions, the NICT team also said “there is work being done to expand the range of transmissions to intercontinental distances across oceans.”

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