List of Government Certification Digital Set Top Box Devices

Set Top Box Government License

The government added the list of certified Digital Set Top Boxes (STB) as a support tool for the use of digital TVs from eight to nine. The new brand that came in was Mito type 3255.

However, in the online buying and selling market, it is not yet clear how much the selling price of the Mito device is marketed.

To be known in succeeding the government's plan to migrate to digital tv from the original analog,

People need a special device called a Set Top Box (STB).

This device has its own criteria so it must be in accordance with the provisions of the government.

This is in accordance with the Kominfo page which reads every digital television device and decoder set top box DVBT2 or STB that is traded, made, assembled, entered and or used in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia is required to pay attention to technical requirements and based on permission in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Government Immediately Distributes 6.8 Million Set Top Boxes

The technical requirements of digital television and Set Top Box (STB) are regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Informatics No. 4 of 2019 dated June 28, 2019 concerning the Technical Requirements of Telecommunication Devices and/or Devices for the Purposes of Broadcast Television and Broadcast Radio.

The requirements and processes of digital television certification and set top box digital can be known through the Ministry of Communication and Informatics e-certification portal.

Government analog TVs will be completely switched to digital from November 2022. According to the state digital TV claimed more profit.

Here are 9 lists of STB devices that already have official permission from Kominfo:

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