Mediatek Dimensity 9000 Serious Competitor Snapdragon 8 Series

Mediatek dimensity 9000 competitor snapdragon qualcomm

dimensity 9000 has been announced by MediaTek. The latest chipset from MediaTek uses 4 nm fabrication. With this fabrication MediaTek dimensity became the only one that uses 4 nm fabrication.

Dimensity 9000 is the first smartphone chipset made using 4 nm fabrication. MediaTek It also uses the latest architecture of the V9 arm which is mentioned to improve security performance and performance performance.

That's why Mediatek is the only one that uses a CPU configuration that is one of the new forms of ARM core. This configuration includes 1X Cortex X2 which has a speed of 3 GHz. The 4X Cortex A510 is 1.8GHz and the 3X Cortex A710 has a speed of 2.85GHz.

Mediatek Dimensity 9000 Improves Camera Performance

MediaTek dimensity 9000 image processing combined with ARM Mali G70 GPU. Which provides improved image management performance of up to 20%. This image processing technology is able to support the ability of a full HD Plus screen that can achieve a refresh rate of 180 Hz.

For the power of photography MediaTek 9000 uses an 18 bit HDR ISP. Yes this can record video with 4K HDR performance that can be done simultaneously 3 cameras. The technology also has a night mode for video called Supernight video recording that is capable and supports a 320 MP sensor.

In the AI APU processing unit that has been 5 generation on Dimensity in 9000 that can save 4 times more power than the predecessor series. It is able to support the experience of using AI on cameras, games, applications, multitasking, or multimedia and so on.

MediaTek dimensity 9000 It already has an integrated modem. Modems from dimensity 9000 have downlinks of up to 7 Gbps. 3 CC Carriers Aggregation (300MHz). It can uplink up to 300% faster. The chipset also supports the latest version of Bluetooth standard 5.3 class Wi-Fi higher 6E 2×2. It also has wireless stereo audio and Beidou III B1 GPS GNSS support. With it all dimensity 9000 from MediaTek claimed to be able to provide resistance to Snapdragon 8 series. 


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