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  • 24 September 2022
  • Last Update 24 September 2022 16:48

Thank You for Visiting Our Rabih Accessories Online Store

For the security of your order, we Rabih Acc Pasuruan can send mobile and smartphone accessories throughout Indonesia by using professional package delivery services.

Rabih Accessories General Policy.

After making the payment and verified by adminRabih delivery papers will proceed to the selected expedition. Estimates of the collection of goods you can check after exiting the receipt number or delivery number of goods from the related delivery service.

Estimated delivery after verification of payment by admin until 14:00. Payments above that hour will be processed tomorrow. For estimated shipments throughout Indonesia:

For delivery of Rabih Acc Products 4-7 days area of Java Island, 5-14 days for outside Java Island. Depending on the conditions and weather of the terrain, and the location determined by each service, estimates can be sooner or later.

Delivery of ordered goods is carried out on weekdays and business hoursMonday – Friday with working hours 08.00 – 16.00

After you check out on our Rabih Accessories website immediately we will process and confirm. Because some items in our products are limited edition items it is advisable to confirm in advance our customer service at number and email:

Phone: 088231759995 (whatsapp)

rabihaksesoris@rabihdigital.com email

If there is something that hinders the delivery time due to an unexpected event / force majeure, then Rabih Accessories reserves the right to send orders outside the specified time limit or cancel the order without prior notice.

Delivery of order goods that have been confirmed by Rabih Accessories admin will be addressed to the address in accordance with the shipping information during the ordering process.

The Delivery Policy located on rabih digital website at any time is subject to change without prior notice to the customer. Please read our Privacy Policy first before you make a purchase.

You can visit our offline store at the address:

Rabih Accessories

West Sunan Ampel Road 1 No 38

Panggungrejo District petamanan village

Rt 02 Rw 04 Pasuruan City

No Hp: 088231759995