Immediately Announced Android 12, With Featured Washing

By abdul azis hartadi

Android 12’s new features range from overhauling the interface to improving privacy and security,

New features of android 12

Every year Google has an agenda to improve the version of the operating system (OS) that is most widely used in smartphones today. Yes, Android every year gets the latest version which this time stepped on the 12th version.

Check out the latest features of android 12


Overhaul of the interface, present a more personalized customization experience, As we know, almost every type of Android has a distinctive look. Continuing to be new, the appearance of the Android interface seems to continue to be charming and certainly introduce wider customization.

Listed on Android 12, Google polishes the appearance of the Android interface in such a way that it looks more captivating. New animation effects are also added when the user is related to the smartphone screen.

For Google, the new Android design overhaul is the most in the history of Android.

In terms of personalization, Google introduces a unique experience where the appearance of the Android 12 interface will familiarize the color of the wallpaper we use. Suppose we use wallpaper that is dominated by blue, to the interface color that appears to be blue.

This color adjustment will also apply to widgets, icons, notification shades, lock screens, volume control, and much more.

Not only things there, Google also introduced interesting animation effects on Android 12. Google calls it fluid motion and animations.

Every interaction that we live in Android 12, sort of delete notifications, slide the screen, and so forth feels so smooth alias soft. The impact of animation just flows when we carry out any interaction on Android 12.

It’s not over yet, Google also uses the free space contained in notifications. Thus Android 12 users can view more data when opening notifications.


Through Android 12, Google is trying to be more transparent. Yes, Android 12 will show which apps require access to user information, and share full control over users so that personal is always monitored.

Android 12 also shows a new feature called Privacy Dashboard. Through this feature users can costume any application that requires camera access, mic, information, GPS and so on.

Ensuring the security and personal of users, Google also shows markers that show the status of the mic and camera. This marker will appear when you open an app that requires mic and camera access.

If you don’t want to activate the mic and camera, the button to disable is also in the notification section.

Not only that, but the GPS sensor can also be adjusted when opening applications that require GPS access. This is useful if you don’t want your position exposed by an app.

Thus, the security and personal of the user are much better maintained.

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Source: Google Blog

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