PUBG New State: 10 Million Downloads in a Week

By abdul azis hartadi

PUBG New State is more visually appealing

PUBG New State It has managed to surpass the 10 million download mark during its official launch week. That figure is only from Android users only PUBG new state developer Krafton has not announced the number of downloads on iOS devices. This is not too surprising because before the release new state already pre-registration which figures much more than 10 million downloads.

Problems with PUBG New State

Like most games in the initial release, there were a lot of problems in the early versions of the game. These issues include server crashes and bricking on smartphones. Krafton's developer has also said it has fixed problems with the release of several updates. The number of users who had reported on the day of the team's first launch about the unresponsive loading screen was also the difficulty of getting into the Game.

Bug Fix Update

The issue has also lowered ratings for games on the Play Store and App Store. On the release of the update of PUBG New State Setting for the selection of graphics mode eliminated existing graphics setting Vulkan API. There are also improvements to the latest New State updates. That includes such as fixing the recommended nearby server functions, problems in spectate mode, and crash repairs when starting games.

Watch also incorporate some new features into PUBG's Battle Royale game to make it more exciting and exciting. The storyline is based on the year 2051 and players have access to several futuristic weapons and vehicles.

In early 2002 one carton also launched the Battleground Indian car which is available specifically for PUBG users in India. Pubg India game on the market in India has surpassed 50 million downloads before its release to iOS.

The latest game from PUBG has been released in 200 countries. In PUBG New State it is possible to be able to store weapons in the trunk of the vehicle. The visuals displayed in The New State Game are more realistic and futuristic because this game already uses a technology called Global Illumination. This makes the graphics more varied and futuristic.

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