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  • 7 July 2022
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Redmi 10 cheap with abundant features

Redmi 10 Cheap Phone With Decent Performance and Features

This is the latest redmi 10 cheap phone from the xiaomi sub brand and offers many desirable features at a fairly low price. At the beginning of its launch Redmi 10 priced a little more expensive than at the beginning of the launch of its predecessor Redmi 9. But this was improved by Xiaomi by giving the look of the Redmi 10 which is more luxurious than the Redmi 9.

Better Design Than Redmi 9

white color options in Redmi 10
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The frame is still plastic but this time there is a smooth finish rather than a textured one at least in a gravel white model. The shape of the camera is bigger and more luxurious looking and on the front you have a punch hole for the selfie camera screen measuring 6.5 inches IPS LCD with Full HD Plus resolution 1080p very similar to last year

The advantage is higher than the Redmi 9 this time around and this display feature with this fast 90 hertz screen refresh rate means that swiping and scrolling across this screen is smoother than in the Redmi 9 but the refresh rate isn’t too adaptive to save energy just hitting up to 60 hertz in the video player app.

In terms of overall appearance Redmi 10 is much better than its predecessor. Maybe Xiaomi feels like raising the standard of its entry-level HP so that’s just like that which is now becoming more equipped with the latest features.

Specifications and Design Form of Redmi 10

When you buy with a new condition from this Redmi 10 unit you will get a box that contains a screen protector that has been installed there is also a 22.5 watt fast content charger that is equipped with USB Type C. In the purchase box also you will get a gift of a Clear Case and some documents or warranty card from Xiaomi Redmi 10 products. The color choice design is carbon grey Pebble white and there is Sea Blue. The back cover or back cover of the Xiaomi Redmi 10 is made of polycarbonate.

The dimensions of the redmi entry level smartphone measure 161.5 X 75.53 X 8.92 mm with an overall weight of 181 Grams. On the side has been pinned a power button with a fingerprint sensor in it so the sensor is fused with the power button. At the top of the power button There is a button to raise the volume and lower the volume.

On the top side of the HP there is a 3.55mm audio jack, infrared sensor, stereo speakers. On the left side there is a slot for sim and external storage memory. It is a non hybrid sim tray. So we can use Dual SIM with a memory slot in it. And at the bottom there is a Type C charging port stereo speaker hole and a small hole for the microphone. For speakers tend to be stronger on the sound in the bottom hole than the top. Of course, this is different from hp for the upper middle class which also has stereo speakers of the same quality between sound from above or from below.

Switching to the back side there is a main camera module that contains LED Flash and 4 cameras as usual the setup is two cameras that are really functional and two cameras whose main camera bonus is a 50 megapixel camera. This is the first entry-level smartphone with a 50 megapixel camera in the Redmi series and the camera sensor of the Redmi 10 is a sensor from Samsung. So cool also well 50 megapixel Samsung for the camera in Redmi 10 this opening is F 1.8 use pdaf and they can still reach 1080 p 30fps then there is an Ultra white camera 8 megapixel f-22 Fixed focus video recording up to 1080 30fps also then there is a macro camera 2 megapixel f24 video footage up to 720 P 30fps and there is a 2 megapixel front camera. To the side of the screen we see there is an earpiece for the call and there is a punch hole-shaped selfie camera is an 8 megapixel fixed focus F 2.0 camera with video footage can reach 1080 P 30fps as well and this selfie camera also doubles as face unlock.

Hardware of Redmi 10

You can play light games.

Not only the camera has high specifications but the processor and RAM and storage also have quite high specifications. Redmi 10 This processor already uses MediaTek helio g88 soc and is equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage for the version we are currently reviewing there are several variants of Redmi 10 that you can choose.

This smartphone is also equipped with expendable RAM feature so if for example you feel 6 GB of RAM is less you can add up to 2 GB for redmi 10 so in total you will get 8 GB of RAM. For its performance Redmi 10 has a fairly good performance. But the most interesting thing is the stability of the benchmark results from a total of 10 tests that do the results are quite stable and for the gaming experience. MediaTek helio g88 can devour some popular games quite well in medium graphics settings. we do not feel freeze / lag playing games such as PUBGM , Call Of Duty mobile, Pokemon unity, Mobile Legends and various other games.

PUBG heavy games can be played on Redmi 10

Then what about the battery you do not need to worry about redmi 10 is equipped with a battery of 5000 mAh. In the battery life test of redmi 10 has a rating of about 10 hours of this test. Testing is done with a light level of 50% and this smartphone is connected to the wifi network.

So if for example you like to go out no need to worry about this smartphone quickly running out of power and for example you also run out of battery you do not need to worry about it in the sales package Xiaomi gives a charger of 22.5 watts. So you don’t have to worry about waiting too long to charge or recharge this smartphone.

Well that was the basic review about Xiaomi Redmi 10 How best friends of technology with prices below 2 million nih, We think Redmi this time offers a fairly good performance in its class so how, Are you interested in buying this one smartphone In terms of Redmi 10 hardware using chipsets from MediaTek helio G88

redmi 10 cheap price with features and decent specifications
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