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Remotasks or remotask are Websites that provide employment or employment online and are paid for through PayPal or AirTM. We will be given simple tasks by ai technology developers. On this website, you will get money online although not too much but it is enough to be used as extra money to pay bills.


Remotasks is an online job task platform that focuses on the development of technologies related to artificial intelligence, networking, and machine learning. The platform is working with major tech companies to help make the future smarter, from self-driving cars to AI systems to smart camera devices. Unlike other platforms, you won't be forced to do a task that be too difficult for you. You can choose the tasks that will be assigned by the Remotasks platform.

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Remotask Online Work

On this online working web, all from different backgrounds may also not have a basic science about technology can register as a tasker or work at Remotasks. There are no special conditions for joining this platform. Remotasks said it already has 10,000 taskers from around the world. The advantages in your remotasks site are not brushed with working hours. So every task given you will be given a certain time to be able to complete. You should be able to find enough free time to complete the job. In some tasks, we need more time to be able to submit work.

Prepare PayPal or AirTM

If you want to join this Website-there are those who can prepare your ID card (KTP) or identification also PayPal or AirTM account. The account from the payment of the work will later go to the balance of PayPal and AirTM, you can choose one of the two payment methods. Being an important note of email as remotasks registration must be the same as the email on the account that is used as payment of this work to avoid failed or delayed payments. Your work will be paid once a week on Wednesdays. Which is one of the advantages of this remotasks salary or money earned whatever it will definitely go into your PayPal or AirTM balance.

Follow Bootcamp And Plate for Tasks With Greater Alation

Remotasks Work Online At Pay Dollars

In each task or job of Remotasks your results will be rated and ranked. The higher your value and ranking, the greater your income.

In each task given also different payment value, the more complicated the task given then the amount of payment you will receive is also greater. You can also get a level promotion here. From just a Tasker to a Reviewer. In this reviewer, there is also a further level because I also joined not yet 1 Month so do not understand how much understand this further level. Where there will be a task of evaluating the work of the taskers of remotasks before being sent to their consumers.

At Bootcamp, there is an exercise or it can also be a live job that you can do. But this Bootcamp is not every day available. Only at certain times and you can follow the feed for Bootcamp events in Discord. At Remotasks Bootcamp there will get tips and tricks on how to increase income in Remotasks and how to do task tasks properly. oh yes, you should fully verify your data in Remotasks when registering, because the more your data will flow.

How? You interested? You can join the online workers at the following Link, you can also join Discord Tasker Indonesia from me to get tips and tricks.

Remotasks Link:

Discord Remotasks Indonesia (Unofficial):

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