Snapdragon 888 Plus Is ToUgher Than Previous Series

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 plus Prosessor

Snapdragon 888 plus Qualcomm has given its latest products at the Mobile World Congress 2021 event.

888 plus has a power advantage over the Snapdragon 888 series that has been released before.

In the processor, for example, Qualcomm increases the main speed of the kyro 680 chipset from 2.84 GHz in the processor.

Snapdragon 888 to 2,995 GHz on its latest chipset line Snapdragon 888 plus this increase is a number less

more than 5.2% higher than older Snapdragons

In addition to improvements in terms of clock speed, 888 CPU also improves AI engine performance.

6th generation with 26 TOPS performance improvement to 32 TOPS

Basic Snapdragon 888 Plus Is Still the Same

Snapdragon 888 plus is also the fastest chipset from Qualcomm that is released and circulated in the present time.
Even so beyond the speed in detail is still the same as the previous Snapdragon triple 8 product.
Snapdragon 888 CPUs are split into three cluster parts consisting of 1 Core Cortex X1 2.99 GHz 3 Core Cortex A78 2.42 GHz and 4 Core Cortex A55 1.80 GHz.

Snapdragon 888 plus is also combined by the adreno 660 graphics processor which has a clock speed of 840 mhz is also fixed.

Same with Snapdragon triple 888

Vendor representatives from Asus Motorola Xiaomi and Vivo have confirmed they will soon use the chipset.

Snapdragon 888 plus is the new series of smartphones that will be launched in the future, and this is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2021.

The addition of plus to the chipset series is not the first thing done by Qualcomm previously Snapdragon 855 + and 865 + as well as a refinement of the previous no-frills plus old models, namely the 855 and 865 standards.

Qualcomm also explained that shortly after the launch of the Snapdragon 888 Plus smartphone first to be installed this chip will be published soon likely in the third quarter of 2021 Huawei Honor also explained if they will use this new chip in the upcoming flagship Honor Magic 3.

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