Speeding Up and Overcoming Windows 10 Slowness

how to overcome a slow laptop windows 10 and speed up

When Windows 10 You on a laptop or desktop computer start to slow down there are several things and ways that need to be considered to overcome and speed up to boot and open applications.

to speed up windows 10 either in terms of booting or loading when running applications or programs. Windows 10 is one of the popular OS today is certainly widely used on computers or laptops scattered around the world.

With daily usage, of course, sooner or later a laptop or computer will feel very slow. Because this device will store some files for their system. This certainly makes sometimes booting from a laptop or computer can not run quickly. And this could cause our work to be delayed.

Causes Windows To Slow Down When Booting Or Running An Application/ Program

Outdated hard drive

Sometimes Windows 10 you limp when booting or opening the program because the hard drive used is consumed by age. If indeed the hard drive has been a long time and affects the performance of Windows 10 to be slow may be recommended that you replace the hard drive. It is recommended to use a new hard drive with SSD hard drive type. Because the performance of SSD hard disks is much better than hard drives that use discs.

Viruses That Infection System Makes Slow And So Slow

The cause of Windows 10's slow and weak can be caused also by the presence of viruses that have taken root in your Windows operating system. You can use the anti-virus in Windows 10, and Windows Defender. You can also use anti-virus such as McAfee, AVG, Avast, and others. A broken Windows system can also cause your Windows 10 to become sluggish. As a solution, you can reinstall your Windows to make Windows as usual.

Junk Files or Useless Files Saved

The number of junk file files stored on a laptop or desktop computer is also sometimes the cause and causes our Windows 10 to be slow and slow. This junk file can cause swelling on the hard drive filled by our operating system. This junk profile comes from when we browse or install programs. Usually, he does a temporary backup file in the Windows 10 operating system. Files that are never cleaned will definitely affect the performance of your laptop or computer. Here rabihdigital.com will provide a way to clean and overcome these junk files and make the computer containing your Windows 10 smooth and not slow.

how to overcome a slow Desktop laptop windows 10 And Speed It Up

File in Recycle Bin

how to overcome a slow laptop windows 10 with recycle bin to speed up
Emptying Files In the Recycle Bin Can Also Speed Up Windows 10 Loading

Maybe some of you do not realize that when we delete or delete the files in the Recycle Bin will save it temporarily. This means that it actually recycles.bin automatically cleans the junk files in the Recycle Bin automatically, this depends on the settings we use in the settings for recycle bins.

Always clean the recycle bin periodically by right-clicking on the Recycle Bin icon Then select empty recycle bin to overcome the cause of Windows 10 laptop becoming slow. The recycle bin serves to remove temporarily. So the files that we delete go to the recycle bin temporarily but sometimes we want to use the File or application again So just open the Recycle bin folder later there is a list of the files we can right-click on the file and then restore it will restore the file to its position or to its origin.

Delete Files in Temp

Deletes junk files that are in temporary folders or temp folders in Windows 10. Please press the Windows key and the R key, then type in the Search field with the word “temp”. It will open the view of the contents of the temporary folder. You can delete everything. The next way you press the Windows button with the R key at the same time. 

then type a search with this format %temp%. This will open the temporary folder that comes from the data application. Delete everything before deleting you can close all the apps that are currently open first. This is done so that all temporary files in Windows 10 can be deleted entirely. This method can be quite helpful to overcome Windows 10 on a slow computer or laptop.

Cleaning files in Prefetch Windows 10 can make speed up

location of windows 10 prefetch folder for how to overcome a slow laptop or computer and speed up loading

Again we press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously then the Prefetch in the Search field. This application folder is useful for storing applications that we have opened and serves to speed up loading when we open the application again.

Actually deleting the file in Prefetch here will take the application a bit longer in reopening. For those of you who want to restore the performance of Windows as it came from or when we initially installed Windows, it is not a problem to delete files in this folder.

After all, actually, the contents in this personal folder will be replenished if we open an application or program. To remove you can do a combination of keys. Shift + delete to instantly delete without going to the recycle bin.

Removing The Contents of The Distribution Software Overcomes Windows 10 Slow and Accelerates Loading Boot

By doing deletion in the software distribution folder on partition C or partition where the Windows 10 operating system is located can also make the running of Windows 10 light.

Go to local disk C: Then go to the Windows folder. Then you select the software distribution folder. After going to the distribution folder select the folder. Select all or select all files in this folder. Then you can do a combination of Shift + delete keys to do deletion if there is a file that does not want to be deleted let alone is okay.

Perform Disk Clean Up Windows 10 on the partition to speed up

Select the partition that you will clean from the junk file. Right-click and then Select the next properties you select Disk Clean Up. There will appear a pop-up to do Disk Clean Up with check options and then clean up by pressing the ok button.

If indeed that option filled many files up to the size of giga Disk Clean Up will take a rather long time. It is recommended to close all applications that are open. Disk Clean Up can be done on all partitions that have files suggested maybe only for partition C that contains the Windows 10 system.

Defragment partitions in Windows 10

defragment windows 10

If all the things you will do above do not make the solution how to overcome the slow laptop Windows 10. You can defragment partitions in Windows 10. For defragment notes, this is recommended only on hard drives with discs instead of SSDs. Because if we defragment on this SSD type hard drive will shorten the life of the SSD.

To defragment on the hard drive you can open Windows Explorer and Then choose which partition you will defrag. Right-click on the hard drive that you want to defragment continuously and then select properties.

After opening next you select the tools, Select optimize Then select the hard drive that you want to defragment. Press the analyze button, After the analysis is finished it will be seen what percentage of the fragmented is visible. The higher the fragmented value it means the more necessary to defragment. But if it is fragmented to be worth 0% then you do not need to defragment. To defragment you select Optimize and wait until the process is complete. When you're done, you can close it.

Those are some ways to optimize or speed up your Windows 10 will not be slow because of the large number of junk files stored on your Windows. Maybe many other things can speed up the course of Windows 10 by doing optimization settings. Like we set by selecting programs or applications that run automatically when we turn on Windows 10. It's good if you do the cleaning settings above regularly to avoid the slow Windows 10 and can speed up loading or booting.

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