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Computer Forensics, Data Recovery, and E-Discovery Are Different

What is the difference between data recovery, computer forensics, and e-discovery? Data recovery, computer forensics, and e-discovery. These three areas are related to data and especially digital data. It's all about electrons in the form of zero and one. And it's all about taking information that may be hard to find and presenting it in […]

Computer Ergonomics 101

Computer ergonomics is a guideline in using a computer and supporting facilities including the layout at the desk / work station, sitting position, using the keyboard, using the mouse, and using a monitor. Screen: They're everywhere. Whether laptops, desktop computers, GPS, video games, I-Pads, I-Pods, Tablets, or other variations, technology has greatly changed our lifestyles. […]

Computer Technology – Good or Bad?

The 21st century has become the age of many breakthroughs and technological advances. Technology is aimed at one purpose: to make people's lives better by helping them become more efficient in their work. One such technological breakthrough is computer technology. Computer technology has evolved in large proportions. They are starting from a computer the size […]