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Huawei Folds P50 Pocket, Samsung's new Galaxy Flip Competitor

Huawei has officially launched its latest foldable phone, the Huawei P50 Pocket, which uses a clamshell mechanism or can be folded horizontally, and the design is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which uses a clamshell design. Huawei teamed up with a prominent Dutch designer named Iris Van Herpen to come up with the […]

Huawei MateBook 14 and 14S are officially in Indonesia

MateBook Huawei 14 and 14S are new products that were officially launched in Indonesia. Laptops that carry a premium design with a fairly lightweight and high specification display to support the productivity of Huawei MateBook users. Preorders from Huawei's Mate Book can be made by December 17, 2021. In both series, Huawei makes a difference […]

Watch out for Unisoc to be coming to Huawei

Unisoc semiconductor Chip manufacturer from China soon launches several chipsets for mid range class Huawei is dealing with a major problem in terms of the company's chipset field, and true is that along with the in the semiconductor market, Huawei Chips are losing access to the advanced chips offered by TSMC. Therefore, the supply of […]