How to Reveal Criminals in cyberspace

Take a brake, move the discussion from the call to a more advanced level, Digital Crime 😄

In an age full of sophistication and digitization, cybercrime is very much, hoax news, fraud. The speech of incriminating and others, want to know how to reveal this criminal?

Cyber criminals are very quickly spread and take victims not a few because all free social media access. Yes criminals on Facebook, , Twitter, reddit, quora and so, very much what else our digital literacy is very low.

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Discuss facebook aja, because facebook users in Indonesia are quite high
How did the authorities uncover it all?
What tools are you wearing?
Reveal the criminals on Facebook

 Of course, the way to reveal the perpetrators of cyber crime is curious, how can the police reveal and track down a fake account of someone on Facebook and arrest him? A question phrase like that was ejected by users of the Selasar site, which is one of the knowledge sharing sites. A digital professional named Hilman Fajrian who is also the founder of, once answered the question on (6/3/2017). According to Hilman Fajrian, the Police can track down the owner of fake Facebook (FB) accounts and other cyber crimes, because they have cooperated with FB as an institution that must be subject to the provisions of law enforcement processes in the country where it operates.


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The tracking method is as follows

Without realizing it FB always records all the IPs that every account uses, no matter the real or fake. This also includes the last location when the GPS is active or inactive. Each un-genuine account must be associated with the original account of its owner. (to monitor their 😂 results) Even when used on one PC or Laptop device, usually use on-click login that simply presses the profile photo. (the newbie's way hih 👎) The original IP is also noted, even if the owner of the cyber actor manages his fake accounts using social media management tools such as Hootsuite that can combine multiple accounts into one dashboard. So if there is 1 fake account that is in buru, just filter the names of accounts that use the same IP as the fake account IP. (IP was already allocated alias in the ration)

Organic accounts are the first suspects suspected of being fake account owners or cybercriminals. When the IP of the owner's account has been held, polri stay in find out the location of the address through the internet provider. This internet provider can be operators such as Telkomsel, XL, Indosat and others, it can also be ISPs such as BizNet, CBN, Firstmedia, Indihome and so on. When the IP used comes from the cellular operator. The police will ask for the phone number associated with the IP from the mobile operator. Position search can use triangulation methods, the last GPS location data aka history, or social engineering. When the perpetrator is caught, then all computing devices (PC, laptop, mobile phone) will be confiscated to investigate the contents and become evidence.

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What about those who access the internet behind a VPN?

Accessing the internet behind a VPN

Most cybercriminals do this with the addition of a VPN that can hide the original IP. Some parties are currently running a reputation management business (buzzer) with fake accounts. These buzzers use VPNs to take cover behind proxies so their real IP isn't recorded. In fact, there are many ways to get the IP behind a VPN, either with a white hat or black hat.

Our police are now unsancyed and are starting to be filled by the digital native generation and strengthened by many consultants. They have authority, money, networking, technology, infrastructure, expertise, tenacity, and human resources. That's how the police reveal cybercriminals and track down someone's fake account. Which spread hoax news, hatred, SARA, perverted photos of former even criminality.

Still intend to do negative by doing activities that are against the law and cyber crime? Better not yes, because our police are now more sophisticated and easily find out who the first sender is. Remember, all the accounts we create are recorded neatly all by social media managers. Like Facebook or Twitter, even if it's deleted.

A small note from me:

Actually, it is difficult to get information from the sosmed service provider, because of legal differences. Therefore, the government pursues these service providers to have servers in Indonesia 👍 . Even in the cyber world and cybercriminals. Tracking is now getting more sophisticated. They can read, session, click (on PC). Mouse moving track, spec our gadgets, OS, screen size, what pages you've visited on the website and others. Do not easily give your personal data to foreign / uncredible parties. Because criminals in cyberspace and cyber crime are increasingly sophisticated.


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