Tip n Trick: Avoid Fraud With OTP Mode

What is OTP?

One Time Passwod, OTP, OTP Security

OTP Fraud Mode. OTP stands for One Time Password aka one-time password . OTP is often applied to applications that need direct authentication. Usually this kind of authentication is applied to the time limit for account security.

Well nowadays I often see on social media many account owners often and easily lose control of their accounts. Like Whataspps, Facebook or E Wallet. Most, or 80% of those who lose access to the account due to negligence are either intentional or not. And this is not the fault of the service provider, but purely user negligence.

I took one case of the old OTP Fraud Mode against one of the famous celebrities. He lost the balance on E-Wallet somehow amount, but I'm sure it was a lot.

Code *21*

Do you know what code it is? yes it's code for fowarding, this code is almost in all our providers and until now it can still be used. How can you just use that code? That's right, can you use it really, how about it? Okay here I will explain, but do not try yes, can enter the iron bars you know.

OTP Fraud Mode We call in fraudsters with the code P and in victim K yes

The easiest in this P to make contact and potential victims of K, can be via SMS, Chat via social media or whatever, this P forces K to input the code *121* normor si P#. then after the K did the instructions, then he managed to control the account in K that registers to several application applications, such as E-Wallet, because the K provides the fowarding code then the P is easy to take the E-Wallet account, because the application when the K login must need the OTP code, well the P can receive the W-Wallet code from the fowarding process of the phone number in K, so either SMS or call can enter the P, freely he hacking, drain the contents of the balance of the K. well how can the P know the username to login?? hahhaha easy, Scraping aja, How? hehhehe this is not a hacking bro tutorial.

Solutions to Avoid Hacking

Solutions to Avoid Hacking
If the above case try to check your MOBILE number with the code *#61# call, make sure the status of no fowarding, if it is not wrong on your samrtphone there is a special menu in the forwading menu. Call Fowarding can be canceled by pressing ##21# call. There can be a note / sign on our screen if our number has been fossilized.
In the Whatsapp application can be in this fraudster asking for OTP code directly, the important point of this OTP code should not be given to others, because it is a secret.
Make sure not to press the URL / Web address that you do not know at all, can the adam contents if it already contains hot things must be the origin of the pencet, even though it is a bait from the Hacker to do things that are not good.
Add authenticator application that works for layered security, the content method is the same as OTP but this is based without a 3rd party so it has its own code calculator, if the OTP-based token (sms, OTP email, Whatapps OTP) is still the 3rd party to process the code, and this is prone to being tapped (not all applications can be used with authenticator)
Note from me: The hacker / fraudster must have given the bait first, once the bait hit, it was 😂 exhausted
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