Government Immediately Distributes 6.8 Million Set Top Boxes

Digital TV in Indonesia

Digital TV broadcasts in Indonesia have started in 2009

STB () or Decoder projected to support the migration of analog to digital television broadcasts. It will soon be distributed by the Indonesian government to the underprivileged.

As quoted from CNN Indonesia. If detailed 6.8 million STB will be distributed to 5 National Private TV groups. Namely Emtek, Transmedia, MNC Group, Media Group and Viva Group, Transmedia itself shares approximately 1.2 Million STB

STB of 6.8 million is based on data from BPS (Central Statistics Agency) for underprivileged families.

Brocast Operation Trans TV Vice President Wawan Julianto also said that he was still waiting for direction from the government on the mechanism.

Termination of Analog TV Broadcasts and Switching to Digital TV

The ministry of communications and information some time ago has also announced the suspension of analog TV broadcasts. And move to Digital TV broadcasts. There will be STB that has been certified by kominfo which will be able to be used in Indonesia.

Quoted from the official page of Kominfo about digital broadcasts. Every Digital TV device and STB DVBT2 traded. Made, in rafts, input and or used in the territory of Indonesia. It is mandatory to pay attention to technical requirements and based on legal permission.

The requirement has been regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information No. 4 of 2019. About the technical requirements of telecommunications devices and/or devices for the purposes of organizing broadcast television and broadcast radio.

So it is very important to check first the decoder that will be used. Or purchased whether the device is certified and can already support Digital TV broadcasts in Indonesia

Kominfo Spokesman Dedy Permadi said it was still discussing distribution schemes, criteria and mechanisms related to the division of STB.

“Until now, the Ministry of Communication and Information is still discussing the STB distribution scheme. Criteria, as well as other related mechanisms with representatives of lps institutions organizing multiplexing,”

He further explained that the division of STB was stated in Government Regulation No. 46, 2021 on Postelsiar.

“The procurement of STB is mainly derived from multiplexing organizers with criteria and distribution schemes arranged by the Minister,” concluded Dedy.

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