Type of tempered glass for cellphones that you don’t know yet

The type of temper glass price there is various kinds depending on tempered glass hp. Then also there is usually an additional cost if how install temper glass at certain seller's stores.

While the Type of Temper glass, Screen Protector, becomes a mandatory thing installed in your gadget. Because it can reduce the effects of accidental scratches, scratches.

Various types of tempered glass for smartphones / HP range from clear, non-glass, to liquid form from the price of 5000 rupiahs to hundreds of thousands of rupiah circulating in the market and become the choice of the function of tempered glass.

Well here I will discuss some of the kinds of tempered glass circulating in the market, let's see

Tempered Glass Clear

TemperGlass Clear
TG Bening / Clear


From several types of TG (Temperglass For Smartphones) and their functions. This type is the most sought-after. Because of the low price and almost every type of HP available.

Nevertheless, clear-type scratch resistance is the clearest scratch resistance when installed on the smartphone screen.

This TG is made from PET, and polyethylene terephthalate. That is the main material used to make this type of screen protector. Then added polyester film for light protection to your smartphone, and the top layer is a coating that keeps your screen from blisters while making the screen remain clear and charming 😄.

Jenis Tempered Glass Anti Spy

Tempered Glass Anti Spy

As the name implies. This type of Tempered glass is made to function when there are people around you. And the person can not see the HP screen well, aka anti-peek. How it works is easy, because, with this screen protector, your screen can only be seen by people who are positioned straight in front of the screen. Conversely, the tilted the position of your eyes from the screen, the darker the HP Screen Temperglass. The main material is the same as TG Clear but different there is only additional dark polyester.

Tempered Glass Dark / Black TG

Tempered Glass Dark ,Black Temperglass

If this type is almost similar to the TG anti-spy, but this is blacker (TG anti-spy Black is vague) its function is to reduce the impact of strong light radiation from hp screens.

Types of Anti-Radiation TG Blue

Similar to the two TGs above, the difference is only in , its function is to reduce blue radiation from HP.

Tempered Glass Color

Called color because this type of HP Temperglass only has a color frame around it, and in the colorless screen area alias is only transparent. For the color there is black, white, and gold, and may depend on the type of basic color of hp, there is also combined with the color of the case.

Tempered glass Anti Glare

Anti GlareScreen Protection has the ability to reduce light reflection on a smartphone screen.  This type of scratch-resistant if felt the surface feels a bit rough.

With this scratch-resistant, you no longer need to fear the screen becomes glare when using it in the open. In addition, anti glare screen protection can also make the screen free of oil. Tempered glass For This Smartphone is suitable for Gamers who need maximal screening

Tempered Glass Nano Liquid

Well if this is Tempered glass For Smartphones in liquid form, yes liquid, the use is only cleaned with cleaning fluid continues on the same screen surface liquid, be a screen protector, this type of TG is quite expensive among other types, around Rp 200rb to Rp 400rb,

Temperglass Type Hydrogel

This is a new type of TG, thin because it is gel-shaped (not a type of gel for hair /cream 😂). In its unsensing TG this type is only resistant to scratches, not collisions, he excels in terms of the thinness of the layer. Because the thinner the protective layer, the better the screen sensitivity, and also in terms of the aesthetics of the screen is better than TG in general.

Well, that is several types of Temperglass for Smartphones on the market, which is the best and strongest depending on the thickness of our pockets for sure.

The function of TG is to protect the screen from all forms that can damage the screen of our beloved smartphone We also have a store, (while this is only offline) you can buy a cheap screen protector at the address: Rabih Acc 1 Way sunan ampel west 1 no 44 Pasuruan City, East Java Rabih Acc 2 Way colonel sugiono beside Alfamart pesapen Pasuruan City East Java details can check on Facebook Page Rabih Acc or Rabih Acc News

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