Watch out for Unisoc to be coming to Huawei

Unisoc semiconductor Chip manufacturer from China soon launches several chipsets for mid range class

Unisoc semiconductor will be the third largest manufacturer.

Huawei is dealing with a major problem in terms of the company's chipset field, and true is that along with the in the semiconductor market, Chips are losing access to the advanced chips offered by TSMC. Therefore, the supply of kirin 9000 is very thin after being used in the collection of Huawei Mate 40 and Mate P50 which was just introduced the other day.

Huawei's chipset business is currently rumored to be trying to rely on other friends such as Qualcomm and MediaTek. Huawei could not find an option to retain its HiSilicon share, which triggered Huawei to relinquish market share. On the other hand, Unisoc seems to be directly taking advantage of the problems that befell Huawei.

According to DigiTimes, Huawei's loss situation in the chip market will become much more meaningful. The factor is because Unisoc semiconductor saw meaningful developments in recent months. According to the newspaper, the Chinese chipset manufacturer may exceed Huawei's Sillicon market share, and this will happen later this year.

Unisoc semiconductor soon to produce millions of chips for the market

The note also states that based on increased needs, Unisoc semiconductor will offer more than 68.2 million chips for the year. That would surely give Unisoc semiconductor the title of the world's third-largest CPU provider, currently inhabited by Huawei. But because of the problems that befell Huawei, it eventually became a possibility if Huawei would act under that arrangement.

Unisoc is starting to do more supply in the mid-range section. Nokia is ditching Qualcomm for its Unisoc semiconductor chipset for their recently launched entry-level gadget. Other smartphone manufacturers started using the Unisoc T610 for entry-level parts. However, this is not the company's biggest bet to reach more market markets. A few months ago, Unisoc introduced its collection of Embankment chips. This chipset will transform the Unisoc company in the future.

Unisoc semiconductor uses TSMC construction procedures and will expand orders with its Taiwanese business in the coming months. The business looks set to expand 10% during the second quarter of 2021, especially with more businesses like Realme, Huawei Honor, Lenovo, and others looking for chipsets.

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