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  • 18 August 2022
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Unreadable SD Card the cause and how to fix it

Unreadable SD Card. SD cards are still commonly used as additional internal storage media on smartphones or cellphones, there are many causes and cases that result in unreadable SD cards. This can also happen to all brands of cellphones, whether Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, or Xiaomi.

What is SD card memory card

sd card unreadable causes and solutions
sd card unreadable causes and solutions

Before we go into a problem about the causes and look for solutions for a damaged or unreadable SD card, it’s good to know what an SD card is. SD or secure digital is a digital Flash memory card format that is often used and is definitely used in portable devices such as PDAs in digital cameras or mobile phones.

This SD card was developed by several companies such as SanDisk Toshiba and Panasonic. In its journey and development of SD cards, there are also various famous shapes and sizes, namely mini SD and also micro SD. Micro SD is a device that is often used in the latest Smartphones or cellphones.

Unreadable SD card cause

There are so many things that can cause the SD card embedded in a smartphone to be unreadable. This can happen suddenly or when you are doing activities on a smartphone. Here we summarize some of the common causes that often occur and cause your SD card to not read properly.

Micro SD card often switch devices

Moving with the SD card too often from 1 device or smartphone to another device will have a risk for the SD card to be damaged and then unable to read data properly. The Micro SD card has a vulnerability if this card is often moved on the device because Every time a transfer occurs the micro SD card must adapt to the existing operating system or the power consumption given to the card reading. Because each device has different specifications, you should not move the SD card too often or remove it from the card housing. We recommend that you use a data cable to transfer micro SD data to another device.

Incorrectly way to removing the micro SD card

often switch devices or cellphones cause it can't be read
often switch devices or cellphones cause it can’t be read

This is one of the things that most often happens to devices that have a micro SD card slot on the side or are easy to access without turning off the cellphone or cellphone. On old devices, we often find the SD card placement on the side of the device. Ease of access This is what makes people often plug in and out without realizing that it can cause permanent damage to the micro SD card.

And this is the reason why the latest smartphone makers have given the system the option to safely remove the SD card. Even though this feature is built into the operating system, we recommend that you don’t always do this because it will cause the SD card to not read properly if you install and uninstall it too often. And if indeed you are forced to do it as much as possible you have to turn off the smartphone or device you are using and it would be better if you use a data cable for data transfer.

The presence of Malware or viruses on the operating system you are using

The cellphone has a virus that causes the micro SD card to be damaged
The cellphone has a virus or malware that causes the micro SD card to be damaged

Maybe this is one of the things that happens quite often to ordinary people who don’t know that the operating system has a virus that causes the SD card to become unreadable. In general, this malware or virus works to do something reading data continuously and when this happens then the smartphone you are using will work up to three times harder to do the job of reading data.

In general, this micro SD card has a limit for reading and writing data at a certain level and due to a virus or malware, finally reading this data is done by exceeding the capacity given to this micro SD card which can cause this card to be unreadable. well.

Using the wrong device charger

Using a non-original charger can damage the external card
Using a non-original charger can damage the external card

Often we unconsciously use a charger that is not the default. This can also result in reading your micro SD card not working properly. As additional external storage memory, the SD card also requires a stable electric current. This electricity requirement is to encourage the micro SD card to read and write properly without being disturbed.

And if you are there when charging, you don’t use the original charger or according to the capacity of the cellphone you are using, it is likely that the incoming power from the charger or charge you are using is more than what can be received by cellphone or smartphone. This causes excess electricity to enter the SD card and then causes heat which also makes the SD card unreadable.

Perhaps today’s smartphones have smart technology to intelligently read which components can receive overvoltage or power and which components cannot. This smart technology is able to adjust how much power can be accepted or rejected. Even so, it’s a good idea maybe you can use the default charger from a smartphone or cellphone so that the device you use lasts longer.

Device working too hard causing Micro card to be unread

Perhaps this is also the main cause of damage to the SD card. The cause of the SD card is damage if we make heavy tweaks or make excessive modifications to the operating system that makes this system work beyond the maximum limit given by the phone maker. Because some people also like to make changes to the standard operating system to produce better performance or appearance. The system changes of the phone you are using also affect the micro SD card in the phone. Because this external storage media will also follow changes that occur in the operating system.

In general, anything that is done excessively will also cause the device to work harder. For example, when we save a high-resolution video that requires good read and write speed on the SD card, the micro SD card shell that we embed has a low read and write speed, this can also cause the SD card to suddenly become unreadable.

Poor-quality Micro Card

There are so many brands or manufacturers of SD card makers today. Of the many micro SD card makers, there are also many counterfeit products that cause this SD card to be unreadable on your cellphone or cellphone. So don’t be too tempted by the cheap price of a well-known product because it is also usually a fake micro SD product which of course has poor quality.

Differentiating between genuine and fake products. It’s actually quite young by paying attention to the packaging we have, we will know that this product is a product that is not beautiful and has the bad quality for us to install on our mobile device. So before buying, you should first look carefully at the packaging of the micro SD card that we want to buy and it is also a good idea if you ask the seller whether this is an original product or KW.

Solution for unreadable-micro SD Card

This small card with the name micro SD is an addition to the internal memory capacity provided by smartphone manufacturers. This card can also often be damaged or not read properly if we do not pay attention to things As above. We will provide a few solutions if it turns out that your card is damaged or does not read properly. Here’s what you can do if your SD card is unreadable on your device:

Clean the micro SD card

clean with rubber eraser
clean with the rubber eraser

By cleaning the copper plate on the micro SD card, you can solve the unreadable SD card on your smartphone or cell phone. This can be done using a rubber eraser. These erasers are easily found in stationery stores. Use this rubber eraser on the copper plate slowly until the plate looks more yellow. There are times when the reading from the micro SD card is disturbed and cannot be read due to dirt attached to the micro SD card. After you clean it, you can immediately try it to see the results. Can the SD card be used properly?

Using a computer or laptop to check for errors on the SD card

The next solution is to use a computer or laptop to check the cause of the SD card not being read. Another advantage by checking through a computer or laptop device you can also scan whether there is also a virus on your micro SD card or not. Here’s how to do a scan to check for errors on your micro SD card:

  • Use the default data cable from the phone to connect to a laptop or computer
  • After the phone is connected then use MSC mass storage mode
  • Then open Windows Explorer
  • After opening properties then select tools then click error checking
  • Wait until the process is complete after completion you can remove it by ejecting SD card
  • If necessary, you can double-check whether the error has been resolved then you can fit in and use your Smartphone to check if the error has been resolved

Format micro SD card on mobile or smartphone

Perhaps this can be the last step if all the steps that don’t require you to lose data are no longer usable. Because by formatting the SD card you will find out the cause of the unreadable. Here are the steps on how to format the SD card to solve an unreadable card:

  • Settings or settings on your Android phone
  • Find and then select storage
  • Then you look for the menu to erase SD card or erase SD card
  • Perform steps to delete and wait for the process to finish

By doing the same deletion you are also formatting which results in the data on the micro SD being erased, all of this will make your micro SD card able to read and write.

Format SD card with computer or laptop

If the SD card can still be read on a computer or laptop, you can format it with the help of a computer or laptop. This can be done if the SD card is not readable on Android but can still be read by a computer device. Here are the steps and ways to format the micro sd card on a computer device:

  • Use a card reader for laptops to read your micro SD card
  • Before formatting you must back up first so that data is not lost
  • Open Windows Explorer and search for it. Drive from micro SD card
  • Right click to open properties
  • Then select format on the menu in properties
  • Wait until the process is complete then copy back the data you backed up earlier
  • Remove it from the card reader and then plug it into the cellphone and check if the process can make the SD card readable again

Try SD card on another device or phone

Those are some solutions and ways to find out what causes and does not read the SD card on your Android smartphone device. At least the main thing you do is when buying a micro SD card make sure that it is genuine not KW because it is almost possible that about 60% of the occurrence of SD cards cannot be read properly because you are using a product that is not original or fake. The use of a smartphone that is not excessive will also provide durability on the hardware device, so just adjust the capabilities of the device to your needs.

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