Updates in Google Drive May Cause Broken Links

Many old Google Drive or links may not be accessible by mid-September because of this
security/security update The technology has already announced that they are rolling out an update that makes the Drive file sharing platform more convenient.

Google Drive Update

After the security update came out on September 13, Google Drive Security Update immediately upgraded the resource key generated to the link it was made to share.

So what does it mean to create old links that have been distributed at work or online? Well, those who already have a link before the update can still access it, but there are no additional resource keys.
So, those who have old links do not need a resource key to access the file.

Google Workspace admins have until July 23 to decide how security updates will be applied to their companies/organizations.

They can choose to apply it with limits or not at all.

Meanwhile, individual users will get a notification about the change from July 26 and have until September 13 to decide.

They can also choose not to apply the update, but Google explained in its notice that the option is not recommended.

Google also recommends not applying update updates only for publicly posted files.

Not only that, but Google also immediately released a security link update for that can interfere with many old links.

YouTube has security certainty that makes links to videos that will not be visible to others who do not participate so the purpose of sharing video links.

But the option for it was only released on the video upload above 2017. Starting July 23, all videos uploaded before 2017 may be made private unless users are affiliated not to do so.

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